Sophie Monk back in hospital to freeze her eggs

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Sophie Monk has revealed she is back in hospital as she continues her IVF journey.

Posting a video of herself wearing an oxygen mask to Instagram, the 38-year-old told her followers what she’s been going through over the past fortnight.

“I haven’t told anyone but over the last 14 days I have been injecting myself to freeze my eggs,” she said. “I’m going to check in a second to see how many I’ve laid.”

Sophie Monk posted a video of herself on Instagram, announcing she was freezing her eggs. Source: Instagram

“Hopefully it’s a lot. Wish me luck.”

As part of the IVF process, women are required to regularly inject themselves with hormones to help stimulate the follicles in the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. In an average cycle, the ovaries only produce one egg, and many women need to do daily or twice daily injections to boost this.

Talking about her experience, the former Bachelorette star said that fortunately she hadn’t had any negative side effects from the injections, however, she also noted that “every woman is different”.

Some women experience side effects including nausea, hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety and more.

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian opened up about her experience with freezing her eggs on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, saying the hormones really affected her mood.

“I’ve been so up and down emotionally because I’ve been doing the shots for the egg freezing,” she admitted. “It’s like crazy. I feel like I want to jump out of my skin. I’m so crazy, I can’t take it.”

The 39-year-old described it as, “everything was just really heightened”, and that she felt “so anxious”.

She was overjoyed with how many eggs she was able to produce. Source: Instagram/Sophie Monk

After two weeks of injections, Sophie went into hospital for her egg retrieval – which, as the name suggests, is where the eggs produced in that cycle are collected to be fertilised or frozen – and she revealed that they had managed to collect more eggs than she was hoping for.

“I had 12 follicles and Dr Kee was hoping for 8…” she wrote, “over a carton”.

Sophie’s surgery for endometriosis

Last month, Sophie underwent surgery after being diagnosed with endometriosis, a debilitating condition that affects the lining of the womb. 

Sophie was in hospital last month and underwent surgery for her endometriosis. Source: Instagram/SophieMonk

Endometriosis, or endo as it is often referred to, is a serious health condition that causes the lining of the womb to grow in the wrong place — such as the abdomen — causing painful complications and fertility issues.

According to Endometriosis Australia, more than one in ten Aussie women will suffer with the condition.

Freezing eggs plan

Earlier this year, Sophie revealed she had started the process of freezing her eggs following her appearance on The Bachelorette.

“I’d love to be a mum,” she said in an interview with A Current Affair. “I think I’m going to have to freeze eggs at this point which I’m willing to do and I’m looking into right now.”

The singer continued, “I’ve made a plan, it’s just the injections and all that stuff fitting into the schedule, we’re looking into it now.”

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