Sophie Monk's warning for fans after shock diagnosis

Rebekah Scanlan
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Sophie Monk has undergone surgery at a leading IVF clinic after being diagnosed with the a chronic illness.

The TV personality shared a confronting video of her going into the operating theatre after being told she had endometriosis, a debilitating condition that affects the lining of the womb. 

While Sophie, 38, appeared to be okay as her doctor explained what they’d found during her procedure, she urged her 529k followers to get checked out.

Sophie Monk has shared a warning for her fans after being diagnosed with endometriosis. Source: Instagram/SophieMonk

“So many women live not knowing they have endometriosis. If you have annoying cycles. You should ask your doctor,” she wrote, alongside a heart emoji.

Her warning came at the same time as shared the discovery her surgeon at Monash IVF clinic had found.

“We did find some endometriosis, but not a lot,” he tells her, as she lies in bed with a mask attached to her face. 

It’s thought the star had gone in to have her eggs frozen, as it is something she has discussed wanting to do in the past following her split from Stu Laundy last year.

She’s still got her spirit, sharing a joke of having the best sleep whilst under anaesthetic. Source: Instagram/SophieMonk

Endometriosis, or endo as it is often referred to, is a serious health condition that causes the lining of the womb to grow in the wrong place — such as the abdomen — causing painful complications and fertility issues. 

Despite her bad news, Soph seemed in good spirits as she also posted a second clip of her recovering in bed, teasing it was the “best sleep I’ve had in years”.

She’s not the only Aussie star who battles with the chronic illness, with yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins pulling out of a huge tour back in April as a result of severe symptoms of endo.

Mel Greig shared this shocking image of her stomach, which swelled up in March as a result of endometriosis. Source: Instagram/MelGreig

Yahoo Lifestyle columnist Mel Grieg is also a sufferer and she regularly shares her experiences to help raise awareness.

In March she shared a powerful image of her symptoms which quickly went viral.

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