Sonia Kruger reveals the moment she thought her career was over

EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger spills on the live TV blunder she'll never forget.

She’s one of Australia’s most prolific TV stars with a two-decade career hosting a number of the country’s biggest shows, but Sonia Kruger admits she didn’t always expect her career to turn out this way.

Ahead of the 63rd Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards this weekend, the Gold Logie nominee tells Yahoo Lifestyle she thought her time on TV was over before it had even begun.

Sonia Kruger in the Yahoo studio / Sonia Kruger presenting the weather in 2000.
Sonia Kruger admits she thought her career was over when she messed up her first-ever live TV cross. Photo: Yahoo / The ARR Show

“The very first live cross I ever did, I had no idea we were actually on the air,” she confesses. “The hosts were saying, ‘How's the weather?’, I was doing the weather at the time, and I went, ‘It’s really hot’. Then they were like, ‘Anything else?’.

“I thought they were just checking coms in the commercial break! Turns out it was live, and I wanted to drive straight home because I felt that was probably going to be my last day on television. But as it turns out, I've gone on to make mistakes like that forever.”


Having made countless appearances on live TV since then, whether it’s on The Voice, Dancing With The Stars or Big Brother, Sonia says she quickly learned that the format is “never perfect”.

“But we actually kind of like that about ourselves,” she adds. “As Australians, I think we know we're not perfect, we’re not taking this too seriously. And in fact, when things go a little bit off the rails, it becomes way more entertaining.”

 Dr Chris Brown and Sonia Kruger posing with a giant Gold Logie.
Sonia is teaming up with Chris Brown to host the Logies red carpet. Photo: Channel Seven


Sonia will be putting her presenting skills to the test at the Logies this weekend when she hosts the red carpet alongside Dr Chris Brown.

“I used to get really nervous in these situations, but now I find I'm more excitable and I can get a little over excitable, a little bit like Labrador,” she jokes. “So the fact they’ve put me with a vet is probably a good thing because he's quite calm.”


She teases that their coverage will be “hilarious” and “fairly entertaining”, especially considering Chris is colourblind and she will need to explain all of the colours of the outfits to him.

“When you look at the Logies overall, you get so many people watching the red carpet because it's one of those major award ceremonies in Australia,” she says.

“It's probably the award ceremony in Australia where we see people come out in all of the gowns and the tuxedos. Our brief this year was to make it like the Oscars, and having just covered the Oscars, I really think that it's going to be as stunning.”

You can vote for the Logies here.

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