Sonia Kruger reacts to her favourite and least favourite Logies looks: 'Very dramatic'

EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger shares her honest thoughts on some of her most iconic red carpet looks.

Whether she’s walking a red carpet or hosting a reality show, Australian TV royalty Sonia Kruger is known for bringing the fashion wherever she goes.

Ahead of the 63rd Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards this weekend, the Gold Logie nominee sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack some of her most memorable looks from the event and tease what she’ll be wearing this year.

2002 - Dolce and Gabbana

Sonia Kruger at the 2002 Logie Awards.
Sonia Kruger describes her 2002 outfit as her ‘Pamela Anderson meets MAFS look’. Photo: Getty

“This was my Pamela Anderson meets MAFS look,” she laughs. “At that point, I was quite young and I was like, what am I going to wear? I wanted to be comfortable, and it was super comfortable because it was made out of jersey.

“But it's that whole kind of leopard print. I don't know whether I even knew that my name Kruger rhymed with ‘cougar’, but at that age, I got away with it. I don’t know if I could get away with that animal print now, or that hairstyle.”


2007 - J'Aton

Sonia Kruger at the 2007 Logie Awards.
Sonia won ‘best dressed’ at the 2007 Logie Awards. Photo: Getty

“I love this dress,” she shares. “I remember this night because I actually won 'best dressed of the night', and for me, that's almost better than winning a Gold Logie.

“It was so stunning and the boys put so much work into it. I would wear that dress again to the Logies if I could. It’s so stunning, one of my absolute favourites.”

2009 - Alex Perry

Sonia Kruger at the 2009 Logie Awards.
‘I was like, what, is the cast of Finding Nemo under this dress?’ Photo: Getty

“Alex is a dear dear friend of mine,” she details. “We've worked together for years on Dancing With The Stars, he’s made me so many stunning dresses for the Logies and for red carpet events.

“I said to him, ‘I don't want anything that's uncomfortable or too hard to get around in’, because you've got to navigate tables and you don't want people stepping on your dress. Anyway, so that's what he made. I was like, what, is the cast of Finding Nemo under this dress? Because there were so many ruffles in it.

“I mean, it's beautiful, but I just spent the whole night dragging this dress around. And then someone stepped on it I think at one point. It was a tricky one, that one. The idea of wearing a ball gown to the Logies, it sounds very dramatic and it looks very dramatic on the red carpet, but once you're in the room it's not practical.”

2013 - Steven Khalil

Sonia Kruger at the 2013 Logie Awards.
'This was my Game of Thrones era'. Photo: Getty

“This was my Game of Thrones era,” she jokes. “So Steven Khalil made this gown out of, I think it was Giorgio Armani lace, and we had these incredible claw-like jewels.

“The jewellery was custom made, I just loved everything about it. It was really actually comfortable to wear, and easy to walk around in, and I would wear that again to the Logies. He’s making my dress for the red carpet this year - we’ve left the Game of Thrones era behind though.”

2016 - Hervé Léger

Sonia Kruger at the 2016 Logie Awards.
Sonia says this is one of her favourite dresses she’s ever worn to the Logies. Photo: Getty

“This gold dress, I bought it online,” she reveals. “It’s Hervé Léger, and he's the designer who was famous for the bandage dresses.

“I think this might have been after I had Maggie and so again, I just really wanted to be comfortable and it was sort of stretchy. And I just loved the way it had a skirt that was a bit fringe-like.

“But the funny thing was that night I’d never been personally nominated for a Logie, but everybody kept coming up to me saying, ‘Oh you've come dressed as a Gold Logie’. And it does look a bit like that, but it is one of my favourite dresses actually. I do love that dress and yes, I would wear that again.”

2019 - Rami Kadi

Sonia Kruger at the 2019 Logie Awards.
Sonia describes this look as ‘a beautiful, soft, floaty, chiffony, rainbow-coloured piece’. Photo: Getty

“This was a beautiful dress,” she says. “The stylist that I work with, Natalia De Martin, sourced this dress, and it was actually a beautiful, soft, floaty, chiffony, rainbow-coloured piece.

“I remember showing it to Maggie, my daughter, she's always my barometer. And she was just like, ‘Ah, it looks like a rainbow mummy! That was a really beautiful gown too.”

2022 - Albina Dyla

Sonia Kruger at the 2022 Logie Awards.
Sonia admits it felt like she was ‘sitting on a bed of nails’ in this dress. Photo: Getty

“Of course last year, which was that incredible feathered two-piece,” she remarks. “So that was a bodysuit with a skirt over the top, and I adore the uniqueness of this outfit and really I think it just looked amazing on the red carpet because it was white and it really stood out.

“To sit in, you know how feathers have quills? The quills were on the inside of the dress, so it was kind of like sitting on a bed of nails for the night. So very happy to report there will be no feathers in this year’s Logies dresses.”


2023 - Steven Khalil

“How do I describe this year's look?” she teases. “Because the thing is, you need to come up with something slightly different every year in a different colour, in a different style. You don't want to be predictable and turn up looking the same every year.

“So this year, I would liken it to almost something that Kate Middleton would wear to the BAFTAs. It’s a little bit regal, it's a little bit royal. So it’s Dr Chris Brown and his monarch.”

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