Viewers blast 2022 ARIAs as 'absolute crap': 'S**t show'

Social media users have slammed the 2022 ARIA Awards, held in Sydney on Thursday night, describing it as "absolute crap" and a "s**t show".

What is meant to be Australian music's night of nights was seen by Twitter users as more of a joke, with one user writing, "Not sure the producers of the #ARIAAwards will be getting more gigs anytime soon, what a mess."

2022 ARIAs
Viewers of the 2022 ARIAs have taken to social media to slam the awards ceremony's 'amateur production', labelling it as 'absolute crap'. Photo: YouTube

"Not to complain but… the #arias broadcast still needs a lot of work - at least from an audience perspective," another wrote. "Not everybody is a natural-born presenter, either. Maybe less dad jokes and more music next time? Just a thought."

"Each year the award show gets even more cringeworthy…" a third said.


"Did I just watch the 1994 Rock Eisteddfod?" yet another added, with one user agreeing, joking it had been run by a high school.

"Just watched the ARIA’s….absolute waste of time and probably the worst awards show I’ve ever seen in my life. Absolute crap! That’s me done for the ARIA’s," someone else wrote.

"I can’t watch and can’t stop watching all in one," another joked.

Backstage hosts Christian Wilkins and Lucinda Froomes made numerous mistakes, as they presented from backstage, seemingly having no clue what was going on on stage.


"I’m very excited for the next segment because it’s the one and only..." Lucinda said at one point, before seeming to forget who she was introducing, and adding, "... We will see you after the break."

The duo also said the wrong album names numerous times, with one user tweeting, "Have those other presenters ever got a name of the album right, this is such a s**t show, I love it."

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