Christian Wilkins is Today star Richard's 'number 1 fan'

For some, growing up as the child of one of the country's most famous faces can involve some downsides, such as unwanted expectations and attention.

But that's not been the case for Christian Wilkins, the third son of veteran Aussie entertainment editor Richard Wilkins.

Christian Wilkins holding bunches of roses outside a florist store
Christian Wilkins tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he is his dad Richard Wilkins' 'number one fan'. Photo: Instagram/theprincewilkins.

'Dad's number one fan'

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 26-year-old model, actor and former Dancing With The Stars contestant reveals that having a parent in showbiz has been 'really fantastic'.

"I have always said that I am my dad's number one fan," he says of long-time Today show star Richard.

"To follow in his footsteps and to have a tenth of the career that he's had would be incredible and an immense honour," he adds.

Richard, 66, is a Channel Nine stalwart having been with the network for 30-odd years, making him the perfect sounding board for Christian as he carves out his own career in the spotlight.

"Everything he's done he's been so incredibly proud of and it's come from such a place of passion and authenticity.

"I want to be able to look back at my career and make sure that I have the same view."


Christian Wilkins and Richard Wilkins arrives ahead of the David Jones Spring Summer 2017 Collections Launch at David Jones Elizabeth Street Store on August 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia
Christian had his dad, Today star Richard Wilkins by his side at a David Jones fashion event in 2017. Photo: Getty Images.

What's the goss

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Christian is dedicated to 'showing that there's diversity all around us and that there's a place for everyone'.

It's one of the reasons he teamed up with streaming service Binge to promote the highly anticipated reboot of Gossip Girl, which features a fresh and diverse cast of characters from different backgrounds, sexualities and genders.

Christian tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he thinks the changes will 'mean a lot' to viewers, particularly those who are exploring their own sexuality and gender identity.

"It's really important to the little boys and girls and people out there who might be a bit confused; they might watch a show like this and see themselves reflected there and feel like there is a space for them and that it's not something to be made fun of, it's not something that makes them different or weird. It's completely acceptable and it's completely normal.

"It's really wonderful that a show like this which does tap into a younger, more impressionable audience, gives an impression that they are accepted."

Christian Wilkins opening his The Gossip Girl Edition x BINGE Lipstick Range gift box
Christian has praised the new Gossip Girl reboot for promoting diversity and inclusivity. Photo: Instagram/theprincewilkins.

While Christian had always identified with Upper East Side queen bee Blair Waldorf from the original series — "I dressed very preppy [at school], I had my blazer tailored to me," he says — he's found a new favourite character in the reboot.

"After watching the first episode, I'm obsessed with Max. His fluidity is obviously very attractive as a person [...] It was just very irreverent and I immediately took a liking to him."

He's also found a new favourite lipstick in The Gossip Girl Edition x BINGE Lipstick Range, a special collab with Karen Murrell to celebrate the show's return.

Of the four shades, Christian gravitated to the coral pink hue of 'Rumour Has It.'

"Pink is my favourite colour in the whole entire world and anyone that says differently is lying. It's a superior shade," he laughs.

The new Gossip Girl series is now streaming on Binge, with new episodes dropping weekly.

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