Skrillex is unrecognisable as he debuts new look: 'Aged well'

Fans are comparing the DJ to Drake and Kit Harington.

Skrillex, real name Sonny John Moore, has surprised fans after debuting a whole new look after ditching his signature emo style, long hair and thick glasses. The DJ's sleek new look has fans comparing him to Drake and Kit Harington's Game of Thrones character Jon Snow.

Pop Crave shared two photos of Skrillex to Twitter, stunning their followers with the DJ's surprise new look.

Skrillex has surprised fans with a whole new look, with some fans comparing the DJ to Drake. Photo: Getty

"Skrillex shows off his new look," they wrote, with one fan replying, "Kit, is that you?"


"Looking like a glammed up Jon Snow," another agreed, with someone else joking, "Skrillex now looks like if Jon Snow got a stylist."

"Rebrand of the decade woah," a fourth added.

"I was so confident this was Drake when I scrolled past," someone else said, while another joked, "Skrillex looks like Kit Harington going as Drake for Halloween."

"Skrillex aged well," one fan added, while another joked, "Why does Skrillex look like the founder of a web3 startup?"

"Put Sonny Moore during his [From First To Last] days, prime Skrillex days and now right in front of me... I would never be able to guess it was the same person you are LYING," one fan added.

Many shared that they loved the new look, describing it as a "glow up", with one user jokingly writing, "It's 2023 and Skrillex is... hot?"

"New year, new Skrillex," another added.


"Skrillex really did a 180..." someone else wrote.

The new look reveal coincided with the DJ's 35th birthday, with many fans also sharing birthday messages for the star.

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