Shoppers savage shocking lingerie set: 'I'd look like a stuffed ham'

Bras N Things have baffled shoppers with their latest offering, a set of hot pink lingerie that boasts ‘minimal coverage’.

Touted as a ‘crotchless, cupless, diamante frosted glory’, the Sugar Rush set leaves nothing to the imagination.

Bras N Things model wearing a pink lingerie set
Bras N Things have shocked with their newest lingerie set. Photo: Bras N Things

The Hollywood Glam cupless bra will set you back $59.99, with the matching crotchless knicker an additional $29.99.

Made from elastic strapping covered in crystals and held together with small silver rings, the store sent customers into a frenzy on social media.


“Here she goes again. We remembered how much you loved the Hollywood Ham — ahem…we mean, the Hollywood Glam,” the store wrote on Facebook.

“So this year we’ve brought it back in all its crotchless, cupless, diamonte-frosted glory.”

L: Model wearing pink lingerie set. R: Lingerie against a white background with a necklace and bag
The racy lingerie set leaves nothing to the imagination. Photo: Bras N Things

Shoppers were quick to flood the post with hilarious comments, with many wondering how they were supposed to fit into the set.

“I will look like a stuffed ham that’s cooked and hasn’t had the string cut off yet,” one person wrote.

“If I wore this I would be taking part in my own hostage situation — all tied up and too scared to move,” added a second.

“I would look like a cheese toast that was cooked in a Breville,” another chimed in.

Others were set on finding other ways of using the lingerie set.

“I’m buying this just to wear on international flights. The customs officers will be scarred for life when they finally discover what’s setting off the metal detector,” one shopper quipped.

“Not only breastfeeding friendly but childbirth friendly. Straight in the hospital bag,” another suggested.

“I don’t think this would work, looks too flimsy. My dog is a real puller on the lead. I also think something isn’t quite right oh…OOOH! It’s not a dog lead?” joked a third.

“I’m not sure whether to put it on myself or my horse?” asked another.

Two photos of a SHEIN model wearing 'assless chaps' in lilac
SHEIN previously released a strange clothing item. Photo: SHEIN

SHEIN’s cut-out pants confuse shoppers

This comes after SHEIN shocked with their risqué pants earlier this year.

The lilac pants resemble chaps held together by a belt, with the entire front and back crotch area completely exposed. The strange fashion item has left shoppers asking: ‘What on earth are these?’

Reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s outfit for her Dirrty music videos, it seems that SHEIN has decided that 'assless' chaps are now back in fashion.

People were quick to comment on the impractical pants, with many joking that they needed them ‘for the breeze’ during a 'heatwave'.

“What is this trend of being practically naked all of a sudden?” one person wrote on social media.

“Got thrush written all over that,” another pointed out.

“I always get ads for the freaky stuff Shein sells! Bottomless jeans [and] see through plastic suits!” added an exasperated customer.

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