Heidi Klum's lingerie shoot with daughter divides opinion: 'It's wrong'

Heidi Klum has divided opinion online after she posed in lacy lingerie with her 18-year-old daughter Leni for a photoshoot.

The 49-year-old model shared photos of the campaign for Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi on Instagram earlier this week and explained the reason why she did it with her daughter.

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni.
Heidi Klum has divided opinion online after she posed alongside her 18-year-old daughter Leni for a lingerie photoshoot. Photo: Getty

“Together with Intimissimi we celebrate women; the love and support between a mother and her daughter; and how confident, beautiful and happy lingerie can make you feel,” she wrote.

Heidi also shared videos from the photoshoot, showing herself and Leni laughing on set while posing in their matching lingerie.


Followers quickly took to social media to share their opinion on the advert, with many people agreeing that it was “so weird” for the mother-daughter duo to pose together.

“I love Heidi and all but I don’t know about doing a lingerie shoot with your daughter,” one person wrote. “It just doesn’t seem appropriate.”

“The younger girl looks like a child, wrong to be in a lingerie ad,” another added, while a third tweeted, “It’s wrong and makes me feel deeply uneasy!”

“Something ain’t right when you pose in your bra and underwear with your daughter… And for the world to see it,” someone else commented.


Meanwhile, others simply complimented the pair on how “beautiful” and “magnificent” they looked and argued that there was nothing wrong with the photos.

“They’re both gorgeous. Their bodies belong to them. We don’t need to comment or judge,” one fan replied, followed by another who said, “Absolutely nothing wrong with loving your body and showing it off! “

“Good on both of them! They both have amazing bodies and I've seen mum and daughters on the beach in way less clothing,” a different user shared.

Leni, who walked her first runway in August 2021, previously appeared on the cover of Vogue Germany with her mother in 2020.

“So excited for my first cover!! I had so much fun on set with @voguegermany couldn't dream of a better start!! Thank you for being by my side @heidiklum,” she wrote online at the time.

Heidi also opened up to PEOPLE last year about her daughter’s growing modelling career and revealed the advice she gave her.

“I said to her, at the end of the day you have to be happy with yourself,” she shared.

“And don't do anything you don't want to do. It's okay to say no. You don't always have to please people. But I'm always with Leni. And she has a very good head on her shoulders.”

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