Woman's 'inappropriate' bikini act at family pool sparks debate: 'Sick'

An influencer has caused outrage with her racy act in a skimpy bikini while next to a pool of young children.

The woman's tiny red string bikini left very little to the imagination as she danced right behind the kids.

L: Influencer Elizabeth Carmen showing off her bikini. R: Elizabeth Carmen dancing in a red bikini behind a pool of children
An influencer has been slammed for her racy dance in a skimpy bikini. Photo: YouTube & Instagram

Rene Ruston captured the moment and shared it with the popular Instagram account Influencers in the Wild, with the caption reading: “Save our children”.

After just two hours on Instagram, the video of Elizabeth dancing gained over 20,000 views and thousands of comments.


Many were furious with the influencer for her ‘inappropriate' dance moves and ‘vulgar’ outfit, with one saying it was ‘sick’.

“I’m actually disturbed [by] this. There’s a time and place for things and with children around, this act shouldn’t have happened,” one person wrote.

“Yiiikes. So tasteless to be dancing like a stripper in front of children. Let them be kids. Leave the adult stuff for adults,” a second chimed in.

Two photos of Elizabeth Carmen performing racy dance moves behind a group of children
The influencer was slammed for her racy dance moves. Photo: Instagram

“They’re classless already, but by a kids pool is as low as you can get. Really disturbing. Trash.” claimed another.

“People who do this around children or in public in general, should be arrested for indecent exposure. This is truly getting disgusting and ridiculous. I said what I said! Have some class. These kids are watching!!!” a fourth commented.

Others however defended the influencer, saying that the kids didn’t even notice the lewd act.

“I don’t see the problem here, or are you all just prudes?” one commented.

“There is nothing worse than a kid seeing a butt, they might think it’s normal to have a butt,” a second quipped.

“The kids don’t even care. You’re the ones sexualising this situation. They’re kids. They see people dancing at the pool. They’re too busy playing mermaids for real,” another pointed out.

“Nothing wrong with someone’s body, we all have them!” added another.

It wasn’t long before Elizabeth found the post and told her side of the story.

“Omg that’s me making a TikTok while I was on vacation in Hawaii lol. First of all, those kids were nowhere near me and my girl, that were obviously minding our business lol,” the influencer clarified.

Elizabeth Carmen in a skimpy red bikini with two of her friends
Elizabeth was in Hawaii celebrating her birthday. Photo: YouTube

Elizabeth uploaded a vlog about her birthday trip to Hawaii, and showed off her stunning red bikini.

Her other vlogs revolve around working as a stripper, plastic surgery she's had done, and her trips overseas.

The influencer is also an OnlyFans star and goes by the name of Cherry. Her subscription cost is $20 per month, which is double what most people charge.

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