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The gut powder that can banish IBS symptoms: 'It's changed my world'

The 4-in-1 formulation is science backed.

One in two Australians suffer from sensitivities with their gut; from IBS to bloating, stomach issues can leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. However, sufferers have now discovered a simple addition to their daily routine which provides relief.

"My bloating has eased and I feel a lot better in myself overall each day," says one happy customer.

"It's changed my world," confirms another.

DAYLY is a 4-in-1 gut repair powder created by integrative nutritionist Clare Gibson. After years of suffering from food sensitivities and unpredictable bathroom trips, she became frustrated with the limited help that doctors were offering her.

Woman drinking glass of DAYLY
DAYLY can help ease symptoms of bloating, IBS and food sensitivities. Photo: Supplied

"I was tired of being told to 'just deal with it,'" says Clare. "I knew there had to be a better way, so I set out to create a formula that addressed the root causes of my gut problems, not just the symptoms."


She spent years researching and formulating DAYLY to specifically target key elements of gut health.

The science-backed mix of ingredients can help reduce bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain associated with IBS, as well as promoting regular bowel movements.

A healthy gut is linked to improved cognitive function, so the powder can also help alleviate the brain fog associated with gut issues.

DAYLY is a 4-in-1 gut repair powder
DAYLY is a 4-in-1 gut repair powder to help with bloating and IBS. Photo: Supplied

DAYLY, $69.95, contains L-Glutamine and slippery elm to help soothe and rebuild the gut lining, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption. It also balances gut bacteria by using polyphenols to promote the growth of good bacteria, eliminating the need for a separate probiotic. Sunfiber prebiotics provides nourishment for beneficial bacteria, allowing them to thrive and keep your gut functioning at an optimal level.

It's also packed with bioactive curcumin to help reduce inflammation throughout the body and the gut, promoting gut health and providing immune support.

Before and after picture of woman's stomach
Before and after picture of woman who has taken DAYLY for eight weeks. Photo: Supplied

People who've taken one or two scoops of the powder for six to eight weeks have seen a huge improvement in their gut health.

"I’ve struggled with IBS for years, and this is the first thing that has actually worked," says one delighted user. "My bloating has disappeared, I’m no longer sensitive to foods and it’s the first time in years I feel like myself again."

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