Aldi defends popular buy after 'terrible' photo shocks shoppers

A mum has been left incensed after a popular Aldi sunscreen seemingly failed to do its job, leaving her child with severe facial sunburn.

The Ombra SPF50+ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion is a popular budget alternative to other sunscreens of the same strength and water resistance, but NSW mum Natika claims at least one of its tubs is virtually ineffective.

Image of Ombra sensitive 50+ sunscreen
This Aldi sunscreen has prompted concerns after one mum says it failed to protect her daughter. Photo: Supplied

Despite applying the lotion liberally to her daughter’s face, and reapplying several times in the day, Natika says she was left gobsmacked this weekend when the child was left with a severe sunburn regardless, leaving her face flushed a deep red.


Taking to an Aldi Facebook page Natika issued a warning to other parents over the product, sharing a snap of her daughter’s painful burn to hammer home her point.

“Hey ladies,” she captioned the snap. “If any of you own this sunscreen, throw it out!”

Natika daughter sunburn Aldi Ombra SPF50+ Sensitive fail
Natika's daughter was left with a deep sunburn, despite several reapplications. Photo: Supplied

“My daughter had it put on her several times yesterday (actually more than she needed as I was so paranoid about burning) and she still ended up with her face like this! She is very sore!”

Many wondered if the red, raw face was an allergic reaction but Natika tells Yahoo Lifestyle it’s 100% a sunburn, despite the product boasting the highest SPF coverage and up to four hours of water resistance.

“She has no allergies and I did do a patch test before using it all over her face,” she says. “It’s definitely a burn, not a reaction as we have used an antihistamine [etcetera] and it’s still bright red.”

Mum Natika issues warning Aldi Sunscreen
Natika says the product failed her daughter. Photo: Supplied

Aldi tells Yahoo Lifestyle they have contacted Natika regarding the issue and insist Ombra sunscreen is rigorously tested to industry standard.

“We have contacted this customer and will work with them to investigate,” they say. “We assure customers that our Ombra Sunscreen is extensively tested and meets the highest industry standards.”

Same sunscreen slammed before

Image of sunburnt legs Ombra sunscreen
The images of other people's experiences of sunburn while using Ombra sunscreen went viral in 2019. Photo: Facebook

Be that as it may, others commented on Natilka’s post reporting the same problem with the sunscreen, and it’s not the first time it has been slammed by consumers.

Reviews from this year on Product Review of the range include warnings including ‘please take this off the shelf!!’ and ‘burnt to an absolute crisp despite applying multiple times!’.

60 of the site’s reviews are one-star, compared with 10 five-star, three four-star, and two three-star.

It also made headlines last year for almost the exact same complaints.

Shoppers reviewing the Ombra SPF 50+ sunscreen in late 2019 blasted the product with some saying they were left with burns and skin irritations. But the discount supermarket chain said the sunscreen has passed industry testing and is safe.

Complaints first emerged in 2018 with more than 50 product reviews online giving the sunscreen a one-star rating.

“Felt like acid on my face,” one customer wrote on a product review website.

“Used this once and would never use it or recommend ever. Face felt like I had acid on it. My face was red and burned for hours after. Very, very itchy.”

“The Ombra 50+ spray is horrendous,” one woman said.

“I reapplied twice and was in the sun for a few hours at most (I am very pale), and I got absolutely roasted. It’s criminal to sell this product with the intensity of the Australian sun.”

A Brisbane resident said they were scalded by the sun despite heavily applying the sunscreen to their skin.

“It’s almost like it, as others suggest, acts like an oil and encourages burning,” they said.

Aldi store sign
Aldi defended the product at the time. Photo: Getty Images

At the time Aldi said they would ‘thoroughly investigate’ complaints, but issued the same statement regarding industry standards.

“We can confirm ALDI Ombra sunscreens are extensively tested to ensure they meet best practice, safety and industry standards before they become available to customers,” a spokesperson told Yahoo at the time.

“They are regulated by the TGA [Therapeutic Good Administration Australia] and ALDI adheres to all their requirements.”

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