Kmart fans in stitches over new store's 'unfortunate' gesture

Kmart fans have lost it online after one mum shared the gift she received when she was one of the first people through the doors at the opening of a new store.

The woman posted an image of the gift to a Facebook group, showing a round biscuit with blue icing and a massive red ‘K’ symbol for Kmart.

People shopping at Kmart in Australia
Fans have lost it online over one woman's gift from the opening of a new Kmart store. Photo: AAP

However, it was the writing underneath the Kmart that had many scratching their heads.

The text read “Cockburn Gateways”, as the new shop was opening at Cockburn Gateway shopping centre in Perth.

However, those familiar with the area couldn’t get their head about the name, with one person writing in the comments: “I’m laughing like a teenager... I didn’t know there was a place called Cockburn gateway”.

“I had to google to see if this place actually existed LOL,” another person said.


Kmart Cockburn Gateways opening biscuit
The woman uploaded this photo of the gift she received at the new Kmart Cockburn Gateways. Photo: Facebook

Others called the name “so unfortunate”, with one person writing: “Sounds like the title of something you’d watch online”.

Those from the area, or familiar with Perth, were quick to set the group straight on the pronunciation of the name.

“Forgot this wasn’t a Perth group no wonder people are making jokes they probably don’t realise it’s pronounced “co” like co-sleep or coach,” one person wrote.

“It’s pronounced Co-burn Gateways. The ck is silent. Beautiful part of the world, its where everyone is buying and building south of the Swan River right now,” another person said.

The clear up didn’t stop the comments from flooding in, with one person saying she initially thought the woman had the biscuit specially made for “some sort of bachelorette hens party. A kind of Magic Mike/ Kmart theme.”

“Maybe they should’ve left the ck out of it. What an epic fail for them lol,” another said.

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