Target shoppers spot X-rated fail on Santa cookies

A seemingly innocent set of Santa Cookies sold at Target in the US has gone viral online after shoppers spotted a potentially NSFW fail in the design.

Tennessee mum, Nicole Miller, shared her excitement about the cookies on Facebook after buying them, completely clueless to the small phallic-shaped detail, which ended up stealing the show.

target santas boots xrated fail
Santa's boots or something else? Photo: Target

“Such a great treat to have on hand for parties … or school events,” Nicole captioned a photo of the cookies on a popular Facebook mums group.

The photos of the sweet treat ended up going completely viral, with Nicole revealing her friends pointed out the fact that Santa Clause appeared very pleased to see you.


“My friends pointed out Santa’s boots — which I then couldn’t unsee,” the mum told The New York Post.

Another mum told the publication it was a “definite design fail”, adding she would “not send these to school.”

While a third woman, who happens to be a a market researcher, wondered: “I mean, how on Earth were those cookies able get so far down the [production] line?”

There were however, also plenty of people who disagreed with the rude interpretation of the cookies, many claiming they couldn’t see the X-rated element at all.

“The only thing I see are Santa’s boots. These women need to get their minds out of the gutter,” one person commented on the story going viral online.

“Y’all got some dirty minds. All I saw was boots and had to stare for nearly 5 mins to see the male anatomy,” another said.

Entrance to one of the Target stores located in south San Francisco
The cookies are sold at Target in the US. Photo: Getty

Target said it had not received any official complaints or messages about the cookies.

“We have not received any feedback directly on this item,” a spokesperson said in a statement to The Post.

“The design is intended to represent Santa’s boots. We appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration moving forward.”

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