Shark Tank: Meet the new 'Sharks' throwing cash at aspiring Aussie entrepreneurs

These moguls know more than a thing or two about business.

Shark Tank is back on our screens and this time we have five new investors ready to hear budding Aussie entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas.

Let's get to know these "Sharks" a little better.

Sabri Suby

Shark Tank Australia investors
Shark Tank Australia is back with five new Sharks. Photo: Channel 10

Sabri Suby is the founder and CEO of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency and author of Sell Like Crazy. He started his digital marketing agency with $50 and an old computer in 2014, and is now worth $74 million.

Sabri launched King Kong in the US in 2021, as well as in Canada, Britain, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

As for what he's looking for as a shark, he is focused on resilience and someone who has overcome obstacles in their business. He also doesn't want to hear excuses for the hard questions.


Shark Tank judge Sabri Suby
Sabri Suby built his fortune in marketing. Photo: Channel 10

Dr Catriona Wallace

Catriona is a force to be reckoned with. She's a former police officer and is an expert in the world of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, founding one of the first AI companies, Flamingo AI, to be listed on the ASX. It's the second ever woman-led company to ever do so.

With a focus on diversity as a Shark, Catriona is looking for something that has global scale, that's ethical, environmentally friendly and is run by someone who knows their numbers.

Shark Tank judge Dr Catriona Wallace
Dr Catriona Wallace is an expert in the world of artificial intelligence. Photo: Channel 10

Davie Fogarty

Although he's one of the young

est Sharks ever, Davie Fogarty knows a thing or two about business. Davie is the founder of the hugely popular Oodie. The 28-year-old is also behind brands Pupnaps, Calming Blankets and many more.

As for what he's looking for, Davie says it's a "relentless desire to make it work".


Shark Tank judge Davie Fogarty
Davie Fogarty is the founder of the hugely popular Oodie. Photo: Channel 10

Jane Lu

Jane is the founder and CEO of online fashion empire Showpo, but success didn't come easy. Quitting her day job in accounting to start her brand, Jane kept the big move from her parents and caught a bus to "work" everyday so they wouldn't catch on.

After launching in 2010, the fashion brand amasses $100 million in sales each year. As for what Jane is looking for in an entrepreneur, it comes down to a great pitch.

Shark Tank judge Jane Lu
Jane Lu is the founder and CEO of online fashion empire Showpo. Photo: Channel 10

Robert Herjavec

Fans of Shark Tank will recognise Robert Herjavec from the US version of the show. He's known to be a very generous investor, having handed out over $23 million across 14 seasons of the show.

Robert has a net worth of $1 billion and is the CEO of cybersecurity risk management company Cyderes, which has offices across the US, Canada, the UK and India. Shark Tank entrepreneurs are definitely going to want to have Robert in their corner.

Shark Tank judge Robert Herjavec
Billionaire Robert Herjavec is known to be a very generous investor. Photo: Channel 10

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