The Traitors fan favourite Annabel spills BTS details about the show

EXCLUSIVE: Annabel reveals what it was really like filming the reality show.

She was a fan-favourite contestant on this year’s season of The Traitors, and now Annabel Fidler has shared behind-the-scenes details about the Channel 10 reality show.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following her dramatic elimination during Sunday night’s episode, the UK-born customer success manager spills on everything viewers didn’t get to see on TV.

The Traitors' Annabel Fidler.
The Traitors’ Annabel Fidler was banished during Sunday night’s episode. Photo: Channel 10

The contestants

Despite the fact that both The Traitors US and The Traitors UK have been released in the past year, as well as season one of the Australian franchise, Annabel reveals that there were only a few contestants who actually knew what to expect during filming.

“I really thought everybody else out there would be avidly doing their research too. I mean, I cannot imagine going in to sit an exam and not studying for it,” she remarks.

“So to rock up there on day one and being one of a small handful who had any idea what was going on was just mind-blowing. This is what happens when you don’t study people, you get a big F!”


The breakfast

Not only were contestants fighting to stay alive in the game, but they were also fighting for hash browns. Annabel shares that there was a strong desire among the cast to be one of the first to attend breakfast each morning so the food was still hot and available.

“Let me tell you, the fight for the hash browns and the fruit was real because let's be honest, hot or cold, those hash browns were delicious regardless,” she details.

“So if you're coming in last, not only do you have less time at breakfast, but what if the hash browns are gone? Disaster! So when I came in first I got to have a prime position right in front of that hash brown platter and all of the watermelon was still there, that's winning in this game.”

The Traitors' Annabel Fidler arriving at breakfast.
Annabel says it was important to be one of the first people to attend breakfast each day so you have the best food options. Photo: Channel 10

The car rides

Every single second counts when you’re a playing game of strategy and manipulation, which is why Annabel was so thankful the contestants were able to choose who they travelled with to the challenges each day.

“Whose car you're in was really, really important,” she says. “I was like a toxic clingy girlfriend, I was making sure I was always in the car with Sam so that we had extra bonding time, so that I always knew what he was thinking, and so he couldn't make a secret plan without me.

“We definitely got a chance to get to know each other in those times we would spend at the missions in the car and at breakfast in the morning, but there was always a mad scramble right before banishment to make sure that we had our numbers lined up and we could control who was going out.”


Future reality TV plans

After cementing herself as a fan-favourite contestant this season thanks to her quirky personality, iconic outfits and memorable one-liners, viewers would be happy to know that The Traitors might not be the last time they get to see Annabel on screen.

“I am an avid superfan of all things competition reality TV,” she shares. “I’m an obsessive Survivor viewer, I love Big Brother, I love The Amazing Race.

“I'm not a physical girly, I was always picked last in PE in high school. Suffering’s just not really on brand for me, so The Traitors was really made for me. I just had the best experience of my life and if I could play The Traitors every year I would.

“I think I'm gonna have to start CrossFit because if I were going to apply for Survivor, I've got a hell of a fitness journey ahead of me and it's about time I start building some muscle.”

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