The most popular sex toy in Australia revealed

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Silicone sex toys on a pink background.
What are the most popular sex toys around the world? Photo: Getty

Adding toys into the mix to spice up your bedroom antics isn't a new concept, but now a new study has revealed which gadget Aussies are reaching for the most.

The team at WeThrift examined Google Trends data for a county-by-country analysis showing what the most popular sex toys are in each country around the world.

And for Australia, along with 10 other countries out of the 30 in the study, the winner was the cock ring.


In fact cock rings and butt plugs are overwhelming the most popular sex toys around the world. 12 out of 30 countries prefer to use the butt plug in the bedroom, while 11 out of 30 countries would rather opt for the cock ring, meaning that the two sex toys combined account for almost five-sixths of the countries in the list.

But why use a cock ring?

As the name implies, a cock ring is basically a ring that goes around the base of the penis or sometimes around the balls. Cock rings can be made of elastic materials like rubber, latex, or silicone or they can be made of rigid materials, like steel or wood.

Without a cock ring, blood flows into the penis to make it erect and flows out once the person orgasms or loses their erection for another reason. Cock rings restrict blood from flowing out of a penis once it's achieved an erection.

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Sex toys are a popular addition to the bedroom. Photo: Getty

As a result, the number one reason people use cock rings is to maintain an erection. Plus the couple versions of the ring add extra elements of stimulation for your partner.

"It’s nice to know that you can maintain your erection. If your partner wants to have penetrative sex for a really long time, it’s a good tool to have in your pocket," the founder of Manshop Maqnus Sullivan told Bustle.

Sex toys around the world

Aside from Australia, the majority of the world’s Cock Ring enthusiasts also reside in Brazil, France and Singapore, while more fans of the butt plug can be found in Germany, India and Poland.

However, some countries do have a more unique taste in sex toys. Romania is the only country displayed in the research where the Strap-On is the most popular sex toy.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

Elsewhere in Europe, residents of the Czech Republic tend to opt for Sounding Rods as their sex toy of choice. For those unfamiliar, Sounding Rods are a specially designed sex toy aimed at males, consisting of a chain of small metal or glass balls that are intended to be inserted down the urethra of the penis.

But they come with a warning. Though they can enhance sexual pleasure, they are advised to be used with caution as they can cause permanent damage if used irresponsibly, leading to lasting pain while urinating or ejaculating.

Other popular sex toys from around the world include the Penis Pump in South Africa, which was initially designed to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the most popular sex toy is the Vibrating Panties, which attaches a small vibrator to a piece of underwear and is primarily marketed at women.

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