Woman praises swinging for improving her relationship: 'Monogamy isn't natural'

A woman has hailed swinging for improving her relationship.

Rosie Kay, 33, who lives in London, has embraced a non-monogamous lifestyle for seven years.

The chef insists you can have a ‘wonderful’ relationship whilst having sex with others and she and her partner, who doesn’t wish to be named, visit swinger clubs monthly

“I don’t feel like monogamy is natural,” she said.

“People cheat and sneak around in monogamous relationships - why not keep everything intact and do it together?

"I want to have my cake and eat it.”

Rosie Kay swinging
Rosie Kay, 33, goes swining with her partner once a month. Photo: Caters News

Rosie said that while many people see swinging as “seedy” she thinks it’s “a brave move and an uncomfortable thing to admit.”

“I’ve been on a few first dates and approached the subject without giving explicit details about it,” she revealed.

“I’ve been called an ‘animal’ on a first date which was hurtful. But I refuse to change who I am for someone else.”


She admits the initial chat with her partner was ‘uncomfortable’ as she feared he may not feel the same.

“I understand it can be threatening as I am so liberated and open-minded,” she said.

“But thankfully he realised there is so much more to life and I have opened his eyes to a different way of approaching relationships.”

Woman who goes to swingers club
She says it's 'exciting' and 'indulgent'. Photo: Caters News

Rosie insists her non-monogamous lifestyle is beneficial for their relationship as they are open and honest.

“We never get jealous of one another because we know it is just sex. There are no deep emotions involved,” she said.

"You can be emotionally exclusive and still have a wonderful relationship and maintain core structure whilst sleeping with other people."

The swinging experiences also give them something to ‘look forward to’.

“It is exciting, to say the least. It is private adult time that is intimate and indulgent,” she said.

“Swingers clubs also keep things fresh and we learn more about each other.”

Rosie says the benefits of swinging outweigh the negatives.

“There is often an unexpected joy with swinging, sometimes I enjoy something more than I had anticipated,” she said.

“Sometimes, I go to a swingers club and intend on swapping partners with another straight couple but end up with a woman and having more fun than I thought.

“However, it isn’t always a pleasure as a man has once started an argument with my partner as he didn’t like how much fun his girlfriend was having.

“That is one of the downfalls but it very rarely happens.

“Those types of situations would put me off going again if I was new to the lifestyle.”

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