See-through chain bikinis shock at New York Fashion Week: 'Ouch'

The Black Tape project debuted a new line alongside their 'duct tape bikinis'.

Fashion designer Joel Alvarez has just unveiled another racy bikini design during New York Fashion Week. Alongside his signature ‘duct tape bikinis’, he also sent models down the runway wearing his new line of body chains.

The Black Tape Project outfits left nothing to the imagination, with delicate chain jewellery draped over their bodies and small pieces of tape covering their modesty. The body tape artist has been teasing his new body chain collection for months and his skimpy designs baffled viewers.

Two Black Tape Project models wearing chain bikinis at New York Fashion Week
The Black Tape Project shocked the crowd with their see-through chain bikinis. Photo: Getty

The designer had announced that his final show during NYFW would be his last live appearance, and he pulled out all the stops to entertain the crowd.

Model Savannah Suarez strutted down the catwalk wearing two small pieces of tape on her breasts and between her legs, with dainty chains draped over her neck in a web-like shape. A few chains connected her top with a pair of chain underwear, and she wore strips of metallic tape around her wrists.


Joel also taped some of his models live on stage, with one attendee calling it a “true spectacle”.

The self-declared “King of Tape” used a combination of metallic and black tape and pushed fashion boundaries throughout the show.

Two models at New York Fashion Week wearing chain bikinis for the Black Tape Project
Models walked the runway in extremely skimpy outfits. Photo: Getty

Another model appeared in retro gold body jewellery that imitated a disco ball, with a huge contrast between her naked skin and the dazzling outfit.

People were divided over his unique designs, with many wondering how painful it would be to take the tape and chains off after the show.

“That takes a lot of courage to wear that. If that’s tape, that is going to HURT when it’s pulled off, OMG. Ouch! Poor woman,” one person tweeted.

“Perfect for a warm summer evening soirée,” another quipped.

“So we’re just wearing fetish gear on the catwalk?” a third chimed in.

“Imagine pulling the tape out. Ouch!” another exclaimed.


On the other hand, fans of the Black Tape Project couldn’t get enough of Joel’s new designs.

“Amazing work! Amazing models! Amazing performance!” a fan gushed.

“Wowwwww so divine,” another added.

“Love the gold,” a third remarked.

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