Savvy shopper's secret to streaming Foxtel channels for next to nothing

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A savvy shopper has revealed an incredible hack to getting 23 Foxtel channels for a fraction of the price.

Sharing her discovery on the budget shopping Facebook page, Markdown Addicts Australia, the woman said the switch was a huge saving.

“Just letting everyone know there are 23 live Foxtel channels on the streaming service Binge,” she shared.

“Binge is much much cheaper than Foxtel and has a better range of channels than Foxtel's essentials pack.”

Some of the Foxtel channels available on Binge include Arena, The Lifestyle Channels, E!, Universal, UK TV and BBC First.

It also included kids channels Nickelodeon, The Cartoon Network, Nick Junior and CBeebies.

The Binge logo in white on a rainbow graduating coloured background, from blue to orange.
New customers can sign up to Binge for free for two weeks across their Basic, Standard and Premium subscriptions, so you can give the channels a try for yourself. Photo: Binge.


Her post quickly racked up close to 500 comments and was met with praise from others, who said they had no idea this was "a thing", despite the channels being available for years.

“I pay almost $150 a month for Foxtel for all channels, I’ll have to check out this binge,” one wrote.

“Looks like I’ll have to check this out. Foxtel is way too expensive for us. Thank you for sharing,” said another.

Those who already had Binge said they’d completely missed the Foxtel channels which were available to stream by selecting them at the bottom of the main Binge page.

“This is amazing thank you! I've had Binge for over a year and never knew,” one person said.

“Oh my God, Thank you for pointing this out; I’ve had Binge for a while now and didn’t notice it,” another added.

screenshots of the Foxtel TV guide showing different programs.
While you can't access the Foxtel TV Guide through your TV, you can download the app without being a Foxtel customer. Photo: Facebook.

So, how does it work?

Apart from offering up a huge range of channels at a fraction of the price, the woman said she was also able to use the My Foxtel app to find out what was on, and when.

“As they are proper Foxtel channels you can use the My Foxtel app as a TV guide. I'm currently watching the History channel with captions on Binge,” she added.

While her post had hundreds of comments thanking her for sharing the details, others had some questions.

The main questions were around price and whether Binge offers the same features as Foxtel.

When it came to comparing prices, Foxtel has a number of packages, including a $79 per month package that includes 50 plus channels.

Meanwhile, Binge will set you back $10 per month for the basic package and includes the streaming service, plus the 23 Foxtel channels.

Screen shots comparing the pricing of Binge compared to Foxtel.
The price packages of the two providers show huge monthly savings by streaming through Binge. Photo: Facebook.

“I gave up my Foxtel for Binge and Disney + subscriptions - get so much more variety and for much less cost,” another person shared, agreeing that the secret hack was worth it.

The only difference pointed out was that viewers can record shows on Foxtel, while all of the Binge shows were on-demand only. But that’s about it.

Why are Foxtel channels available on Binge?

So if you can get the channels so much cheaper, why get Foxtel?

Another member of the money-saving Facebook page pointed out there’s a good reason why.

“PSA: Binge and Kayo are Foxtel owned,” they wrote, stating that Binge is used to stream Foxtel channels while Kayo is used for the Foxtel Sports channels package.

“The difference is you need reliable internet access and a streaming platform (for Binge), whereas Foxtel is just a cable with a box where you are able to record shows, and still has all the features of Binge and Kayo.”

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