SAS Australia: The major hint that Tim Robards will win the show

After defeating Anthony Mundine in a challenge, there's been one clue the former Bachelor makes it to the end.

Tim Robards emerged triumphant during this week's episodes of SAS Australia, after defeating boxing champ Anthony Mundine in a challenge, and it looks like the former Bachelor may have what it takes to get all the way to the end.

With fitness champs like Stephanie Rice and Anthony Mundine recently leaving the show, the challenges look to get more gruelling as the weeks go on, and there's been one major hint that Tim could be the man who makes it through to the end.

Tim made an appearance at the Channel Seven Upfronts on Wednesday night, and reportedly the 41-year-old star was the only SAS Australia contestant to show face at the event.

SAS Australia's Tim Robards and Ant Middleton
SAS Australia's Tim Robards with Ant Middleton. Photo: Seven

SAS Australia's Chief Inspector Ant Middleton also stepped out for the event, but other big SAS names who are still on our TV screens like Craig McLachlan, Mahalia Murphy, and Matthew Mitcham appeared to be no-shows.

However, another SAS competitor Abbey Holmes was at the Upfronts, but is also Channel Seven talent, as a commentator for AFL and AFLW coverage.


SAS Australia teases most dramatic week yet

SAS Australia is teasing its most dramatic week ever for next week's episodes, promoting what looks like a dangerous fall from a contestant and an admission of some sort from actor Craig McLachlan.

In this week's episodes, Robards won a challenge against Anthony Mundine, causing the former boxing champ to try and quit the show.

Tim Robards and Anthony Mundine on SAS
Tim Robards and Anthony Mundine in their one-on-one battle in SAS. Photo: Seven

The two stars fronted up in a challenge that saw them face off in a one-on-one fight on a narrow bridge that was suspended above a ravine.

Attached to bungy cords, the first person to force the other person off the bridge was named the winner.


During the challenge, Tim managed to tackle Anthony early on which made him lose his balance and fall over the side of the bridge. Though he tried to regain his footing by holding onto Tim's ankle, Tim managed to kick him free, winning the challenge.

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