SAS star Koby Abberton reveals huge salary after quitting show

Bra Boy Koby Abberton bowed out of this season's gruelling SAS Australia series on Wednesday night and now the former professional surfer has revealed the staggering amount he was paid for his troubles.

After handing in his recruit number due to a lingering back injury, the 42-year-old told Triple M's Moonman in the Morning that he received a cool $100,000 for appearing on the military-style program.

SAS Australia star Koby Abberton
Bra Boy Koby Abberton has revealed the whopping amount he was paid to appear on SAS Australia. Photo: Channel 7

That's double the $50k figure estimated by The Daily Telegraph earlier on in the season. The publication also reported ex-NRL player Sam Burgess as the highest-earner with $150k to $200k in the bank, followed by tennis champion Mark Philippoussis at $100k.

Koby was forthright about his huge paycheque because he wanted to inspire young people to pursue a career in sport instead of becoming an 'influencer' on social media.

"When I grew up, the only way out of my area was to be a sportsman," the father-of-one told host Lawrence Mooney.

"You were either a surfer, a football player or a fighter, and that's what we banked on.

"These days these kids are constantly on Instagram, or Facebook or TikTok or all this garbage. They all seem to want to be Instagram stars, and honestly it's just garbage."


Koby Abberton quits SAS Australia
Koby handed in his number and left the program on Wednesday night. Photos: Channel 7

Koby checks out

Koby called time on SAS Australia on Wednesday night citing ongoing back problems amid fears an upcoming challenge could see him re-injure himself.

"Nah, I'm not going to hurt myself," he said when faced with the task of carrying a 70kg sandbag for two hours with another recruit.

"I've got a bad back, so I can't risk it, sir. I've broken it twice," he said to DS Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton.

The Maroubra local's time on the show wasn't without controversy. Koby was caught cheating during a challenge that involved push ups and 'integrity' then, later, fans were then left fuming when he tried to 'cheat' again, blocking the path during a challenge to slow down the other team.

Koby Abberton cheating by dragging a large tree branch into a path SAS Australia
Koby was called out for cheating twice. Photo: Channel 7

Speaking after the show, Koby claimed there were many examples of him 'trying to help' his co-stars that didn't make it to air.

"I was doing a lot more than what they showed, in terms of talking to the girls a lot more than what you saw and helping people out. I was there with Heath (Shaw) when he was getting a little more agitated than you’d realise, and I was always talking to him and being very supportive," he told

"They didn’t show the parts where I was really trying to help people out."

He also admitted he did 'give up', adding that being "back in the public eye has been a crazy experience".

SAS Australia continues Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7.

Additional reporting by Kristine Tarbert.

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