SAS fans shocked by 'unexpected' move from Koby: 'Disappointing'

He was one of the more outspoken participants of SAS Australia, but on Wednesday night Bra Boy Koby Abberton surprised viewers when he decided he could no longer continue on the course.

The 42-year-old called time on the brutal military challenge citing ongoing back problems, and the fear an upcoming challenge could see him re-injure himself having already had two back surgeries.

Koby Abberton quits SAS
Koby Abberton handed in his number on SAS Australia. Photos: Channel 7

"Nah, I'm not going to hurt myself," he said, ahead of a gruelling challenge, where he would have been forced to carry a 70kg sandbag for two hours with another recruit.

"I've got a bad back, so I can't risk it, sir. I've broken it twice," he said to DS Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton.


Viewers of the show were quick to take to social media to share their surprise at the decision, given Koby was picked to potentially make it to the end of the show.

"Disappointing. Just gave room for Jett to shine," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Well that was unexpected," another said, while a third thought Koby had simply 'given up'.

However, a few others weren't sad to see the back of the surfer, given some of his more controversial moments on the show - like being caught cheating twice.

"About time!!!" one person wrote.

SAS Australia star Koby Abberton
Koby was worrid he would injure his back again. Photo: Channel 7

Though he also had some fans saying they would have liked to see him continue.

"I ended up liking him," was one comment, while another said: "He was my fave though, the villain I loved to hate."

Koby caused controversy early on in the reality show when he was caught cheating during an SAS challenge that involved push ups and 'integrity'.

Fans were then left fuming when he tried to 'cheat' again, blocking the path during a challenge to slow down the other team.

Koby Abberton cheating on SAS
He was called out for cheating twice. Photo: Channel 7

Though speaking after the show, Koby said there was a lot of stuff people didn't see on TV, including many examples of him 'trying to help'.

"I was doing a lot more than what they showed, in terms of talking to the girls a lot more than what you saw and helping people out. I was there with Heath (Shaw) when he was getting a little more agitated than you’d realise, and I was always talking to him and being very supportive," he told

"They didn’t show the parts where I was really trying to help people out."

He also admitted he did 'give up', adding that being "back in the public eye has been a crazy experience".

SAS Australia continues Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7.

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