SAS viewers blast Koby Abberton for cheating again in brutal team challenge

SAS Australia threw another brutal challenge at contestants at the end of Tuesday night's episode that almost saw fan favourite Jett Kenny hand in his number to the Directing Staff.

But while there was clear relief among viewers on social media when Ant Middleton convinced Jett he had more to give, fans of the show were left fuming when the challenge saw Koby Abberton make a move to slow down the other team.

sas australia Koby Abberton
Koby Abberton went back to his 'cheating' ways on SAS. Photo: Channel 7

After having already caused controversy early on in the reality show when he was caught cheating during an earlier SAS challenge that involved push ups and 'integrity', fans were fuming that Koby had tried to cheat again.

The former professional surfer was leading his team during a challenge when he came across a branch blocking the path. He cleared it out of the way so his team could pass - but then replaced it so the following team would be slowed down.


"When you think you might lose... cheat seems to be Koby's motto," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Is it too much to hope the DS pull Koby in about his efforts today again?" another said.

"You should be walking the whole way back to camp for your little stunt you tried to pull!!" was another angry comment.

Koby Abberton cheating on sas
He tried to block the path for the other team. Photo: Channel 7

"Bra boy is a Cheater.. once a cheater always a cheater," another viewers said, while a fifth questioned: "You were winning, why the need to make it even harder for the other team??"

One angry viewer wrote: "Koby Abberton is a complete and utter tool. That’s it. That’s the tweet."

Koby had already been called out earlier in the season in a challenge where the recruits were each instructed to do 30 push-ups as part of an assault course, however, he was caught out doing only 15.

Unaware that he was secretly being filmed, he continuously denied any wrongdoing in the challenge when confronted by Chief Instructor Ant Middleton until he was presented with video footage.

“I didn’t mean it, no way. I just wouldn’t have cheated that much,” he began. “But the evidence is there and I’ll take full responsibility.”

Koby’s latest move comes after he was interrogated during Monday night’s episode of SAS Australia about the Bra Boys’ dark history.

He opened up about being charged with perverting the course of justice in 2005 and also spoke about his current lifestyle overseas.

“I live in Bali, I live a really simple life, I try to work as less as I can. I have a beautiful son, a beautiful wife and I’ve never been happier,” he said.

“I want to make them proud and I want to be proud of myself. Every now and then you owe it to yourself to succeed.”

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