SAS star Koby Abberton details wild night with Russell Crowe: ‘Best time’

SAS Australia star Koby Abberton opened up to his fellow recruits during Tuesday night’s episode of the military-training show and shared a humorous story about his celebrity lifestyle.

The 42-year-old, who was recently called out by fans for cheating in a team challenge, revealed details about his unlikely friendship with actor Russell Crowe.

Koby Abberton and Russell Crowe.
Koby (left) shared details about his unlikely friendship with Russell Crowe during Tuesday night’s episode of SAS. Photo: Getty

Koby explained that they first connected when he started receiving phone calls from the Robin Hood star, but thought it was a prank call and didn’t believe it was him.

“I started getting this bloke calling me, ‘it's Russell Crowe’,” he began. “I’m like mate, just f**k off alright. I don’t know who this is, I don’t know if it's one of the boys, just leave me alone!


After the former professional surfer realised that the calls were real, he was invited over to hang out at the A-lister’s home.

“I went to his house, and I took my manager there,” he said. “My manager doesn’t drink or smoke. Next thing I look across at him and he’s smoking joints and drinking beers.”

Koby Abberton on SAS Australia.
Koby revealed what happened when he was invited to hang out at Russell’s house. Photo: Channel Seven.

Fellow recruits and football stars Sam Burgess and Heath Shaw couldn’t help but laugh as Koby continued with his story, which involved Russell’s 2000 film Gladiator.

“Russell comes out in a gladiator mask,” he added. “We start wrestling and s**t, having the best time ever. And my manager just starts laughing his head off, then starts projectile vomiting all over Russell’s house.

“Russell runs back in his room, and I’m just like [to my manager], ‘Spew in your shirt right now’, so he was tucking his shirt in and [throwing up in it].

“I was wiping it up trying to hide it and Russell walks in and goes, ‘Mate, I’ve got video cameras everywhere!’. We had the best time.”

Sam Burgess and Heath Shaw on SAS Australia.
Recruits Sam Burgess and Heath Shaw couldn’t stop laughing at Koby’s story. Photo: Channel Seven

Koby’s story comes after he was interrogated during Monday night’s episode of SAS Australia about the Bra Boys’ dark history.

He opened up about being charged with perverting the course of justice in 2005 and also spoke about his current lifestyle overseas.

“I live in Bali, I live a really simple life, I try to work as less as I can. I have a beautiful son, a beautiful wife and I’ve never been happier,” he said.

“I want to make them proud and I want to be proud of myself. Every now and then you owe it to yourself to succeed.”

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