SAS Australia star shocks fans with X-rated first impression: ‘Legend’

He’s known for his comedic chops and ability to make people laugh, and Pauly Fenech definitely received some giggles during the premiere episode of SAS Australia.

The Fat Pizza creator shocked his fellow recruits on Monday night when he went commando after completing the show’s epic fire challenge, which forced contestants to run into the river to put out the flames on their backs.

SAS Australia's Pauly Fenech stripping down.
SAS Australia star Pauly Fenech shocked viewers when he went commando. Photos: Channel Seven

Pauly was instructed by the Directing Staff to take off his clothes to avoid hyperthermia, however, he wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his jumpsuit.

“When you do stand-up comedy you have to have absolute confidence or you will fail,” he said in his voice over. “So after years and years of all this stuff, I have no shame.”

The surrounding group of celebrities were clearly shocked by Pauly’s nudity, with Bachelor star Anna Heinrich covering her face to stifle her giggles while actress and singer Melissa Tkautz looked away.


“F**k me, we’ve got a streaker,” Directing Staff Dean Stott remarked as the comedian did a nudie run to join the other recruits.

“Clearly a confident individual. Must be hung like an Afghan yak, or not.”

DS Ollie Ollerton was equally as stunned by his bravery, quipping, “Holy s**t, I thought you said it wasn’t cold?”.

“I don’t feel the need for underwear staff,” Pauly replied, to which Ollie said, “Clearly”.

SAS Australia recruits looking shocked.
Pauly’s fellow SAS recruits were also stunned by his nudity. Photo: Channel Seven.

On social media, viewers were quick to call Pauly a “legend” and said they couldn’t wait to see how he goes on the course.

“I love Pauly already,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “Little Pauly was fully hectic on fire”.

“Pauly Fenech going commando - dude don’t you watch the show?” someone else questioned, adding that the moment was TV ‘gold’.

“Pauly is such a sweetheart,” a fourth remarked, while a different user replied, “He’s a good person simple as that”.

Fellow participant Riana Crehan, who had to stand next to Pauly in the lineup, also shared a photo of the awkward moment online alongside a series of laughing emojis.

SAS Australia airs at 7:30pm Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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