SAS Australia's Ant Middleton spills on 'nasty' contestant clash during filming

Ahead of next week’s SAS Australia premiere, Chief Instructor Ant Middleton has shared an insight into what viewers can expect to see on this year's edition of the military training show.

Season three is set to feature 17 celebrities putting themselves through the gruelling course, including comedian Pauly Fenech and former Bachelor and Survivor star Locky Gilbert.

Pauly Fenech and Locky Gilbert on SAS Australia.
Pauly Fenech and Locky Gilbert are two of the 17 celebrities set to appear on season three of SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

Chatting with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa on Friday about the Channel Seven series, Ant spoke openly about this year’s cast and some of the “nasty” fights that went down during filming.

“There’s a bit of a clash between Paul and Locky,” he teased.

“There are some big characters and big personalities on this show and you'll see that come through, for the best and for the worst as well. But yeah, Pauly, he doesn't mess around. He’s a little guy, but he comes with a punch.”


The 41-year-old also spoke about one of the most nerve-wracking and confronting moments of the show when the contestants have to get naked in front of one another.

“Stripping people down makes them realise they're in our world, we strip them down to nothing basically,” he said, adding that the intention is to “humble” the celebrities.

“We almost want them to feel worthless so everyone's on the same level, the slate is wiped clean. This is your chance to start over, face your fears, face your phobias and become a better version of who you are.”

Ant Middleton on SAS Australia.
Chief Instructor Ant Middleton teased that there are ‘big personalities’ on the show this year. Photos: Channel Seven

‘He does not like to lose’

Ant’s comments come shortly after Locky’s partner Irena Srbinovska spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and shared what she thinks could be his potential downfall on the show.

“Locky’s biggest thing will be that he is very competitive,” she said. “He does not like to lose, and when he gets so competitive I’m just worried that he might injure himself trying to compete so hard.

“But I said to him, injure yourself all you like because I can look after you. Unlike anyone else there, he’s got his own private nurse at home so he’s very lucky.”

The Bachelor winner also revealed that Locky has wanted to do an SAS course “his entire adult life” and the TV experience has helped him tick off a major bucket list item.

“It’s just something that he’s always wanted to do because he loves pushing his body to its absolute physical limit,” she continued.

“I think he'll do really well. What I’ve seen of him in his training, I know physically, without a doubt, he can do it. Mentally he's probably stronger than he's ever been.”

SAS Australia premieres Monday 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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