SAS Australia fans slam 'terrible decision' to axe Candice Warner

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SAS Australia took the unexpected turn of booting off two members of the team on last night’s episode, and it seems fans are far from happy with the DS’s choices.

Where recruits have so far handed their own numbers in and voluntarily left the course, Tuesday evening’s episode saw favourite Candice Warner, and ‘villain’ Firass Dirani made to leave by the staff after a gruelling episode.

Candice Warner SAS Australia booted
Candice was made to leave by the DS in a move that infuriated fans. Photo: Seven

Now fans have taken to social media to slam the decision to remove Candice, who they argued was showing impressive strength and resolve throughout the process.

On Tuesday’s episode recruits had an ice water test in which they needed to submerge in freezing water through a hole in ice, and respond correctly to questions posed by staff.


Candice was unable to recall the license plate of a truck parked outside their barracks and so did not succeed but was permitted to continue on after undergoing extended time in the water as punishment.

Candice Warner ice water challenge SAS Australia.
Candice failed the ice challenge, but completed the punishment like the other recruits. Photo: Seven

Fans furious over ‘crazy’ call to axe Candice

Fans were not satisfied that the mum of three deserved the boot however, and didn’t shy away from making their feelings know.

“Candice killed it she could have finished the course she is so strong,” one wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Kinda crazy Candice got kicked out,” another agreed.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“I know we don’t see everything, but I reckon Candice has been really hard done by here,” a third complained.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Terrible decision to send @CandiceWarner31 home,” was a more decisive response from one irate viewer.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“As convoluted as her back story is, I don't think @CandiceWarner31 deserved to be sent home,” was another’s takeaway. “She was fierce.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Can’t fathom the decision to send @CandiceWarner31 home from [SAS Australia],” one lady wrote. “Such a great job and role model for her girls. Hope she gets the recognition she deserves from here on in.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Firass also kicked out early

Firass Dirani made to leave SAS Australia
Firass was also made to leave by the staff. Photo: Seven

Firass was the other recruit given the flick last night after he made some strides to redeem his ‘villain’ image that was cultivated early on in the show.

In response to critics, Firass told Yahoo Lifestyle back in October that he ‘didn’t care whatsoever’ about negative reactions.

The actor also previously survived an attempt to kick him off the show, after the other recruits attempted to talk him into quitting after he unwittingly sabotaged a mission.

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