'He's making a mockery': SAS Australia's Ali slams Firass

SAS Australia contestant Ali Oetjen has hit back at Firass Dirani after the actor claimed his fellow contestants on the show had taken the process ‘too seriously’.

The actor has been in hot water over his defiant attitude on the show which has landed the cohort in punishment after punishment, and his devil-may-care approach off the show continues to rankle his famous co-stars.

Firass Dirani laughs during SAS Australia
Firass has come under fire for suggesting his SAS co-stars took the show 'too seriously'. Photo: Seven

“Some of these contestants actually thought they were going to become marines,” Firass told Yahoo Lifestyle last week. “I came in with a totally different perspective.”

He added: “These guys were taking it so seriously like it meant the world to them… they forgot that it was a show.”


Ali tells Yahoo Lifestyle she simply can’t understand the actor’s attitude both on and off-screen.

Ali Oetjen looks shocked next to Candice Warner SAS Australia
Ali was left gobsmacked at the actor's approach during what she called 'life or death' situations. Photo: Seven

“I’m really surprised,” she admitted, adding that Firass behaviour on the ground coincided with some of ‘the lowest’ moments she had ever experienced.

“Those moments in the show when you’re surviving and you’re so terrified and it’s your life on the line, no exaggeration at all, and then you've got someone making a mockery of it and he has no remorse or empathy or apology it's really hard to understand that individual,” she says. “I guess there's a lot of emotions that occur with it.”

“I felt annoyed and I couldn’t understand his mindset,” she added.

Ali also slammed the idea that she and her fellow contestants were simply taking the whole thing too seriously, and needed to lighten up.

Image of Ali Oetjen crying SAS Australia
Ali says she had never felt so low as during the challenges Firass poked fun at. Photo: Seven

“That’s such a weird take on it,” she says. “The whole thing about the show was that it was not a game, it was life and death situations, yes we did have safety equipment and stuff like that but people did get severely hurt and in those moments I have never been so low.”

Ali’s response comes as more and more of the SAS Australia crew hit out at Firass, who has maintained that he ‘doesn’t care whatsoever’ about people’s reaction to him on the show, co-stars and fans alike.

Firass Dirani SAS Australia slams haters
Firass says he feels no remorse, and the haters can't touch him. Photo: Seven

“I don’t care whatsoever about anybody’s perspective,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle on the back of a furious statement from co-star Shannon Ponton.

He added the ‘haters’ don’t touch him.

“Only the dregs hate, the lowest hate, the lowest common denominator hates,” he said.

SAS Australia continues at 7:30pm Tuesday

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