SAS' Anna Heinrich reveals her 'battered and bruised' body after leaving the show

SAS Australia star Anna Heinrich has revealed the toll being on the show took on her body after she handed in her number on Tuesday night.

The former Bachelor star took to Instagram to share a series of photos from the night she left the course.

SAS Australia star Anna Heinrich.
SAS Australia star Anna Heinrich has taken to Instagram to reveal her 'battered and bruised' body after leaving the show. Photo: Instagram/Anna Heinrich

"The night I came off the course. I was exhausted, depleted, I was battered and bruised but extremely proud," she wrote.

In the photos, the 35-year-old shows her countless bruises, scabs and cuts, as well as her six-pack abs from all the gruelling challenges and lack of food.


Speaking with Seven, Anna spoke of her weight loss, saying, "I was kind of skin and bones at that point."

"A lot of other recruits actually did [put on weight] knowing that they would be losing a bit of weight going in.

"So it would have been nice if I'd actually [put on] a bit more weight knowing that I was going to lose a bit and that potentially could have helped with the cold."

Anna Heinrich's legs
Anna shared a snap of her legs covered in bruises. Photo: Instagram/Anna Heinrich

In another Instagram post, Anna spoke of her experience, writing, "It’s always hard to know where to start writing when you’ve gone through an experience like @sasaustralia

"I’d seen the show in the past and had always said 'I would never go on a show like that.' I didn’t think I was capable, was scared of failing and felt it was easier to just continue cruising. It was my husband @mrtimrobards who believed in me when I didn’t and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do what I didn’t think was possible. I had four weeks to train and that’s exactly what I did."

She continued, "Thank you @antmiddleton @ollie.ollerton @deanstott & @100deadlyskills for pushing me beyond what I thought was achievable and getting me to a point where if I 'failed' I still felt like a winner.

"To the other recruits, I couldn’t haven’t gotten to where I did without you. You're an incredible bunch of people. Thank you to absolutely everyone for your support, beautiful messages and encouragement. I appreciate every single one. We are all capable of so much more than we will ever know. We just need to give ourselves more credit."

Anna Heinrich after SAS
Anna said she'd wished she'd put on some weight prior to going on the show, knowing that she'd lose weight during it. Photo: Instagram/Anna Heinrich

She finished by saying, "I came away with so much more than the bruises and scratches."

Anna's husband Tim Robards jokingly commented, "Does that means I have to stop calling you number 12 now?"

Her fellow SAS recruit Locky Gilbert added, "Well done girl you absolutely killed it."

Ollie Ollerton wrote, "So sad to see you go but what you achieved prior to that was nothing short of amazing! You have incredible will, determination and strength and this will inspire many that allow their limitations to define them. Well done."

"You are superwoman!!!" Kayla Boyd wrote. "Your little girl sure is going to be damn proud of you, what a role model you are. You did so amazing! Imagine the moment when she’s old enough to watch it and you get to share that together."

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