Bachelor star Anna Heinrich's shock confession on SAS Australia: 'Not good enough'

Former Bachelor star Anna Heinrich has been impressive on the SAS Australia course, even showing up professional athletes, but it’s what she said after a task during Tuesday night's episode that surprised the Directing Staff.

As the 10 remaining recruits passed the halfway mark on course the 35-year-old mum was labelled a “machine” after smashing an obstacle course, with viewers praising her determination.

anne heinrich on SAS
What Anna said after a SAS task surprised the Directing Staff. Photo: Channel 7

Anna was partnered up with AFL great Barry Hall for the course and though they soon led the pack, Anna at one point had to slow down after she got ahead.

Afterwards the DS grabbed her for an 'interrogation', where she made the surprising admission that in life she is one to "cruise" and had told her family "I’d be back probably in a couple of days".

"And I think I just do that with everything. I always go into it with a really negative mindset. It’s just everything I do, I feel I’m not good enough until I’ve done it," she admitted.

"My whole life I’ve had to prove to everybody that I’m more than just blonde hair and I think it’s just stayed with me and I haven’t felt confident until I’ve done something, so I think it’s just stemmed from a young age."


Shocked by her admission, DS Ollie Ollerton made it clear she needed to have more belief in herself.

"From a DS point of view, since day one we’ve been like wow what a serious contender and honestly we don’t give out those compliments," he said.

Anna Heinrich and Barry hall on on the SAS Australia course
Anna Heinrich been impressive on the SAS Australia course. Photo: Channel 7

And viewers agreed.

"Anna is amazing – what a champ. She’s not a professional athlete, she’s a reality show girl," one person wrote on social media.

By the end of the episode Barry Hall’s time was cut short by a crushing injury, while Locky Gilbert’s reckless move put him on thin ice with the DS.

The day’s first task saw recruits re-enact a hostage scenario, bound and placed in the boot of a moving car before trying to make their escape from the vehicle and their captors.

The battle-weary recruits’ next task was rounds of hand-to-hand combat, designed to determine the King – or Queen – of the Ring.

Barry popped a rib out during a clash with Locky, the pain ultimately driving his reluctant decision to withdraw from the course: “I didn’t want to go out with injury. Wiser heads prevail. I would have loved to have completed it but stuff happens.”

Despite his success in the wrestling battle, Locky’s reckless behaviour in the escape task angered the DS, who later questioned the “f***ing fake hero” about his selfish attitude.

“I totally 100% agree, I know I’m selfish,” said Locky. “It kills me that I do it because I know that it hurts everyone. I know that people can’t work with me when I’m just thinking about myself. That’s the reason I’m here because I think I’m learning how to deal with it.”

SAS Australia continues tonight on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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