Samantha Armytage reveals devastating news: 'Bloody horrible'

Former Sunrise star Samantha Armytage has called on fans for support after receiving some heartbreaking news about a family friend.

The media personality revealed on Monday that Illawarra teenager Maggie Banyard is urgently looking for a stem cell donor after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

Samantha Armytage
Former Sunrise star Samantha Armytage has made a devastating plea. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Samantha shared a number of slides and a photo of Maggie on Instagram, pleading with fans to help the young girl.

“ATTENTION!! All you good people of the Illawarra (& beyond!)!! Maggie Banyard is a family friend of ours…she’s a beautiful 14-year-old girl — diagnosed with a bloody horrible form of leukaemia,” she began.

“I know you’ve all got lots on atm but please help spread the word: The family is looking for a suitable stem cell donor to help save Maggie’s life.”


Maggie’s family are desperate to find a ‘perfect match’, urging people aged 18-35 to donate blood and get tested.

For people who want to help but are outside the age bracket, her family are asking for help spreading the word.

The Farmer Wants A Wife star received hundreds of comments from fans who wanted to help.

“Bloody hell, what terrible news. I couldn’t imagine! I pray for her and her family for strength,” one person wrote.

“How sad, yes I will pass it on. Think I’m a tad too old to help in the practical way,” another added.

“I signed up to the registry because of this post! Cross fingers she finds a match,” a third chimed in.

“Saw this post 20 mins ago. I’m booked for 1pm this afternoon. Wishing Maggie a positive outcome,” commented a fan.

Maggie Banyard smiles at the camera with a tree in the background
Maggie's family have been urgently searching for a donor. Photo: Instagram/match4maggie (Instagram/match4maggie)

Maggie’s family have set up a Match4Maggie website and Instagram account to help spread the word, saying they are looking for a donor ‘anywhere in the world’.

“Our beautiful Maggie Banyard is in Sydney Children’s Hospital with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and urgently needs a stem cell transplant. It’s a race against time looking for a near ‘perfect match’,” their website reads.

“To give Maggie — and all the other blood cancer patients in desperate need — the best chance of finding their match, we urgently need to get thousands more people on that database.”


On the Match4Maggie Instagram account, one donor shared how simple it was to check if he was a match.

“I gave blood today and registered for the stem cell donor registry and it was as easy as laying back in a comfy chair and drinking a vanilla milkshake," he said.

“The more of us who are on the registry = the more chance that Maggie and others in her situation will find a match."

The Match4Maggie website advises Australian donors to register to give blood at

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