Sam Mac reveals Sunrise hosting dreams: 'Spread my wings'

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Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac has been working on the show for the last six years and after recent stints as co-host on The Morning Show alongside Kylie Gillies, he has revealed his dream of one day taking on a bigger role.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Sam, who is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars, jokingly revealed he's co-hosting with Kylie to try and 'sabotage' her chances on the competition.

Sam Mac takes selfie with sunrise
Sam Mac revealed that while he loves his job as the weather presenter on Sunrise, he'd love to host a primetime show in the future. Photo: Instagram/Sam Mac

When asked if he was trying to steal his friend's job, he jokingly responded, "Look, Kylie is an incredible dancer and I love hosting with her.

"I think, I'm not going to lie, part of me being in there is to potentially sabotage her chances on Dancing with the Stars. I feel like, what's the old saying? 'Keep your enemies closer'? I like being in there on her show, right up in her grill, I can start psyching her out."


While Sam spends a lot of time on the road for his job on Sunrise, the thought of having a role in the studio has crossed his mind.

"I'm open to bigger opportunities in the coming years," he said. "It's part of what I love about my career, it kind of changes every few years and I've been in this role for six years and I love it and it's giving me so many opportunities.

Sunrise team
Sam told us he'd be open to bigger opportunities down the road. Photo: Seven

"And the great thing about it is I can do other things as well like Dancing With the Stars," he added. "But I know that one day, I'd like to host primetime shows, and certainly spread my wings and do more."

Sam continued, "But I'm very happy on Sunrise at the moment!"

It comes after the presenter jokingly shared his "controversial viewpoint" of Dancing With the Stars.

"I felt like they had a rather strong focus on choreography," Sam shared with us. "This might be a controversial viewpoint, but I'm anti-choreography. I'm all about feeling the music. I feel if you try to label you know where your foot should be and what step happens at what time, it's a little bit too predetermined, and you're losing the essence of what dance is about to me, which is flow, enjoyment, being in a moment and feel."

Sam Mac DWTS
The Sunrise star is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars. Photo: Seven

He joked, "I certainly won't be winning any points for choreography or even remembering basic steps. What I will do is I'll make the audience feel something through their television and or devices."

The presenter added with a laugh that it was "a bit annoying" having the judges say you need to be well-choreographed, sarcastically saying, "No disrespect to the judges but they're from a different generation. They from a time when things were very much by the book.

"If you look at the evolution of dance, you know, what's happened in the last 10 years, your Cardi Bs, you know, things change and it's not so much about the choreography and the old steps. It's about what can you do that's gonna connect with your audience."

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