Home and Away's Sam Frost hits back at trolls: 'I'm a superwoman'

Sam Frost has lashed out after receiving negative messages from followers.

Former Home and Away star Sam Frost has been open about how “difficult” she has found pregnancy, with her first trimester being especially tough. Last September she described how she was essentially “bedridden” for two months due to constant vomiting in a revealing personal essay.

The star’s first child is expected to arrive in March this year, with Sam and her Survivor fiancé Jordie Hansen looking forward to meeting their baby boy. Sam has had a close relationship with fans ever since her first appearance on The Bachelor, and she has been sharing snaps of her everyday life with her burgeoning baby bump.

Home and Away star Sam Frost in makeup free selfie
Former Home and Away star Sam Frost has been sharing her pregnancy journey with fans. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

On Thursday evening, the blonde beauty cradled her bump during a selfie before cuddling one of her dogs on the couch. She looked fresh-faced without makeup as she excitedly shared her self-care routine for the day.

“Bub and I had a Treat Yo Self day because this mama bear was tired, sore and grumpy,” she told her followers.


Her day included a facial, pedicure, eyebrow threading as well as a luxurious prenatal massage.

L: Sam Frost cuddling on a couch with her dog. R Sam Frost takes selfie in her lounge with baby bump
Sam showed off her growing baby belly and is expected to pop soon. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

While she was celebrating her journey to motherhood, some followers felt the need to comment on her appearance. Sam shared another selfie snap on Thursday to address negative comments she had received in her DM’s.

“People in my DM’s making me feel fab,” she wrote sarcastically, before including a rude message saying she ‘looked tired’.

“…thank you, I am,” she retorted. “I’m also a superwoman & my body is doing some pretty amazing things right now. So yeah, I might look a little tired.”

Sam Frost does the thumbs up in a selfie
Sam has responded to a rude message she received on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Sam teases a return to Home and Away

This comes after Sam addressed rumours that she would be returning to Summer Bay once she gives birth.

During an Instagram Q&A, the star said the majority of photos centred around her previous role as Jasmine Delaney on the soap.

“I’m not even being dramatic when I say this, but I reckon about 85% of the questions were about Home and Away,” the Bachelorette star said.


“Lots of people asking if I’m coming back, saying they miss me, you know all this positive nice stuff about Home and Away which was really nice.”

Sam then dropped a bombshell, saying she could see her character coming back to the bay to “cause some drama” in the future. However, she doesn’t have any plans set in stone at this stage.

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