Royal fans stunned over sweet detail in previously unseen photo of Kate: 'Her mini-me'

"Wow, it’s like looking at Prince Louis."

Royal fans were stunned when Princess Kate, 41, shared a sweet photo of herself as a young girl, with the Princess of Wales looking very much like her youngest son, Prince Louis, five.

The previously unseen snap shows Kate when she was almost two years old, as she enjoyed Christmas celebrations in 1983.

Members of the royal family Princess Kate and Prince Louis
Royal fans have been left stunned after Princess Kate shared a photo of herself as a child, with many noticing she looks just like Prince Louis. Photo: Getty

The photo was shared to draw attention to her Shaping Us early childhood campaign, with the royals writing, "Sharing some festive memories this Christmas because #ShapingUs is all about the vital importance of our early years and the role played by those around us in shaping the rest of our lives."


Fans were quick to share their reactions to the snap, with one user writing, "Wow, it’s like looking at Prince Louis."

"Prince Louis is definitely his mummy 2.0," another said.

"What an adorable picture!! Prince Louis is you in this one," a third added.

"Prince Louis looks so much like his mummy," someone else wrote, sharing a couple of comparison snaps.

"Aww what a lovely surprise!" one fan added. "Her Royal Highness was such a cute baby 🥹🥹 And I thought it was a picture of Prince Louis at first.. he is her mini-me."


"OMG all I can see is little Prince Louis," another wrote.

"Our jaws are still on the floor at the resemblance of Princess Kate and her youngest son, Prince Louis," yet another said.

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