Royal fans divided over hidden detail in Will and Kate's Christmas portrait

'Wow, the worst Photoshop ever!'

The Prince and Princess of Wales' annual family Christmas portrait was as dapper as ever, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a potential Photoshop fail in the casual family photo.

Over the weekend Prince William and Kate Middleton released their Christmas family portrait with their three children George, Charlotte, and Louis, with the family all wearing matching white shirts and jeans as they smile for the camera.

However, the black and white portrait appeared to be missing something — the middle finger of Prince Louis, 5.

With Louis resting his arm on the back of Charlotte's chair, fans noticed the middle finger on his left hand had completely disappeared.

'Worst Photoshop ever'

Prince William Kate Middleton with George Charlotte and Louis
Fans were a little puzzled by the Prince and Princess of Wales' family portrait. Photo:

Fans noticed the unfortunate mishap, taking to the Instagram comments to point out more than one error.

"Wow, the worst Photoshop ever! One kid missing a finger and an extra leg! That doesn’t even look like them," someone said.


"Photoshop fail!! There’s an extra leg in this picture!!!! How did the photographer not notice?" another said.

"Who belongs to that extra white-toed tennis shoe to the left of the chair? It doesn't seem to be Louis' unless he's bare-legged from the knee down (which I doubt)," someone said in response.

'Stop creating drama'

Other royal fans jumped to the defence of the family, however.

"Look carefully and you will notice that you can see the four fingers separated from the edge of the chair arm and the fifth finger is under the chair arm!" one person said.

"He’s not missing a finger! His hand is just spread on the arm of the chair. It’s not that hard to figure out. Stop creating drama where there isn’t any," another commented.

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