Photo of Princess Mary climbing the Harbour Bridge mysteriously deleted

The photo was uploaded and deleted very quickly.

A photo of Princess Mary and her twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge this month was mysteriously deleted from social media almost as quickly as it was uploaded.

Mary and her 12-year-old twins flew to Australia earlier this month to visit her family before Christmas. Prince Frederik did not visit with them. The trip comes following rumours Frederik cheated on Mary with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova during a trip to Spain earlier this year.

Princess Mary and her twins climbing the Harbour Bridge
A photo of Princess Mary and her twins climbing the Harbour Bridge was deleted off social media almost as soon as it was uploaded. Photo: Instagram/bridgeclimb

Bridge Climb shared the snap of Mary, Vincent and Josephine to Instagram, but was quickly deleted, with speculation this was to keep her visit under wraps.

Princess Isabella, 16, travelled with her father after her school studies finished, however, Prince Christian, 18, will not make the trip as he has exams to study for.


The trio met up with Frederik last week in Queenstown, New Zealand, after the Crown Prince attended the COP28 summit in Dubai.

The Danish royals are believed to return to Denmark to celebrate Christmas Eve at Marselisborg Palace with Queen Margrethe.

Royal fans have been sharing comments on the official Instagram account, with some saying Mary appears "uncomfortable" next to her husband following the cheating allegations. The couple recently put on a united front, sharing a video of them and their children putting their Christmas tree up.

Interestingly, the song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, which famously features the lyrics, "He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice," plays as the family decorates, with many fans pointing out that it was a rather odd song choice given the affair allegations.

"Song choice couldn't be better, love the lyrics: 'He is going to find out who is not being nice, you better watch out, he knows who is bad...Santa Claus is coming' hahaha!" one user commented.

"Where is Genoveva?" another questioned.


"Very appropriate music choice," a third said.

"Is the choice of song ironic?" someone else asked.

"Poor Mary I've always admired her for her elegance and upbringing, it seems she's an excellent mum, she doesn't deserve what the prince did to her, what a disappointment," one user added.

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