'Plenty of shock value': Psychic reveals what's next for Harry and Meghan

Kristine Tarbert
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Prince Harry at his final royal engagement before heading to Canada. Photo: Getty

Prince Harry has been spotted arriving in Canada after his final royal outing to officially kick off his new life with wife Meghan away from the royal family,

It was confirmed this week that Harry and Meghan Markle are completely stepping away from royal life, to instead embark on an independent future where they will pay their own way in life.

Now, plenty of people are wondering what will be next for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They will no longer use their ‘Royal Highness’ titles, the palace said in an announcement that sought to end the turmoil sparked when the couple announced they wanted to reduce their official duties and spend more time in North America.

Harry and Meghan are royal highnesses no more. Photo: AP

And the drastic change has led to much speculation about what the couple might do in terms of work, with some believing a return to acting may be on the cards for Meghan.

She’s already signed a deal with Disney, and psychic Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) - aka The Numbers Queen - believes we will definitely still be seeing plenty of the couple in the coming months and years.

Shock value from Harry and Meghan

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Sarah says the couple will continue to express “increasingly spiritual views and radical political stances”.

“Expect plenty of shock value,” she tells us. “I see them going into media and entertainment, with a book to come out that will take aim at their critics.”

Sarah sees media and entertainment in the couple's future. Photo: AP

Sarah creates charts based on the sum of the person’s date of birth which reveals their life path or spiritual job description as well as the age they mature.

She’s had a look at what the future holds for the Sussexes, highlighting how good this move will be for Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Harry and Meghan’s relationship the ‘stuff of legends’

“Staying with your Soulmate requires effort. It’s not for the fainthearted. Meghan’s history as a mixed-race woman who’s beaten the odds is the polar opposite of Harry’s posh, emotionally stilted upbringing. That gives them plenty of lessons to master as a couple, which I see as a good thing,” Sarah tells us.

The couple will not receive public money for their new life and royal duties. Photo: AP

She adds if they continue to focus on honesty and putting Archie’s happiness first like they have been their relationship will “become the stuff of legends”.

“That said, their partnership will not be conventional. There will be periods of separation and conflict, as each requires privacy. I believe that Meghan and Harry are 11:11 Twin Flames, which is the most intense relationship possible,” she says.

Sarah says Harry’s lifepath has and will be all about recovering from rocky starts.

Harry to shield Archie and Meghan

“He’s staying true to his path by shielding Archie and Meghan from the energy of the British press,” she says, which is strongly similar to what Harry said in his brutally honest speech about their decision to step back from royal life.

The family of three have set up a new home in Canada. Photo: AP

“Harry may be a royal by birth, but he’s a rebel at heart, here to take the family tree in a new direction.”

And once they’ve settled into their new life, Sarah says there is definitely another royal baby on the way.

Another royal baby

“Probably a girl who is as fierce and determined as Meghan,” she reveals.

Sarah was pretty spot on with her predictions in late 2019, when she provided Yahoo Lifestyle with a near-perfect forecast of Harry and Meghan’s plans for the new year, foreseeing the pair and their son Archie would set up a new life overseas.

At the time she said, “Prince Harry was born to be a black sheep. He’ll have major beginnings between now and age 37 (Sept 2021), when he reaches his age of maturity. He will move away from the royal family as much as possible within three years.”

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