Ross Noble reveals Russell Crowe's big Celebrity Apprentice donation

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Celebrity Apprentice’s runner-up Ross Noble has revealed how Hollywood A-lister Russell Crowe helped out in a major way during the final task.

Chatting on Fitzy & Wippa, the comedian shared that Russell Crowe was “incredibly generous” in making a donation to his chosen charity.

Ross Noble on celebrity apprentice
Ross Noble says that Russell Crowe made a large donation in his final Celebrity Apprentice task. Photo: Instagram/mrrossnoble

The final challenge saw Ross go head to head with Shaynna Blaze to plan an event of their choice to raise as much money for their causes.

While the interior designer chose to host a gala and charity auction, Ross decided to plan an epic bank heist experience.

The UK star ended up raising $83,000 for the Red Cross, while Shaynna raised a record-breaking $326,000 for Voice of Change and ended up winning the show.


Joining his co-star Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald on Nova, Ross revealed that he received a large sum of money from actor Russell Crowe.

“I’ll tell you what didn’t make the cut actually, which I should probably say,” he started.

“$10,000 of that money came from Russell, the Rabbitohs, the money came from him!”

Ross Noble and Russell Crowe in Sydney.
Ross attended a star-studded lunch with Russell Crowe in Sydney earlier this year. Photo: Getty

Russell has owned a large part of the South Sydney Rabbitohs football club since 2006.

"And he also helped me get Gym 98, Russell sorted that out as well,” Ross continued.

“I thanked him on the show but sadly it didn’t make the cut. He’s an incredibly generous man who doesn’t necessarily shout about his charity.”

Ross went on to explain he first met the Gladiator actor when they both appeared on a chat show in the UK.

The pair were spotted out for lunch together in Sydney back in May, joined by a number of other famous faces. Rita Ora, Christian Bale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and Taika Waititi made up the star-studded outing in Woolloomooloo.

Ross Noble, Josh Gibson and Wippa.
Wippa joined Ross in the final task to help him out. Pictured here with former team member Josh Gibson. Photo: Instagram/wippa1

Wippa: ‘It would be really hard to rig it’

Radio host Wippa recently spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the rumours that Celebrity Apprentice was rigged to let Ross Noble make it to the final.

"It would be really hard to rig it, because when [Lord Sugar’s] in there, for one, the outcome is going to be the outcome," he said.

"So maybe if you wanted to, you could try and structure it so you could control which team wins, sure. You could try and do that, but I don't believe that was done.

“And then second to that is, when Lord Sugar’s in there making that call based on how he sees it, that’s his call. Not even the production company can step in there and say, hey Lord Sugar, here’s what we think. He doesn't want to hear a word of that, he makes that decision. I do know that.”

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