Celeb Apprentice's Martha on finding the show 'really hard to watch'

Martha Kalifatidis has become the latest contestant fired from Celebrity Apprentice after failing to convince Lord Sugar that she should be a part of the finale.

Speaking on the Fitzy and Wippa show, Martha said she found it hard to watch her edit last night and she wishes they would have shown the other side to her personality.

Martha on Celebrity Apprentice.
Martha has claimed that fans didn’t get to see ‘the best parts’ of the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

"Mentally it’s so hard. Last night I had to do a lot of spending time with my own thoughts and just trying to relax myself because it was really hard to watch," Martha said.

"The only thing that would’ve made it a little bit easier is if every now they can just show a few things and a little bit of insight into another side of my character where I’m not just being a total b***h.

"Obviously there’s another side to me as well and it just kind of was upsetting like at that marketplace, just before the end I got on the megaphone and I was trying to bring the crowds in for everyone, for Ross, for Shayna, for Josh, supporting everyone. I always supported my whole team and I just feel like it would’ve been nice if they just showed a little bit of some other side to me but is what it is."

Wippa said everyone from the cast to the crew “fell in love with Martha” and revealed she is great fun to hang around with.

Martha on Celeb Apprentice.
The beauty influencer said that it was 'really hard to watch' last night's episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Since her elimination, the reality star has taken to Instagram to share moments from the season that fans didn’t get to see.

Martha posted on her story claiming that the show didn’t include ‘the best parts’ for viewers to watch.

The 32-year-old shared a video of herself before the final boardroom with fellow contestants Ross Noble, Shaynna Blaze and Josh Gibson.

“We had so much fun on this journey fighting for our charities,” she wrote alongside the video.

“I love these guys. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the best parts… In my opinion.”

Martha told her fans that she was “nervous as all f**k” before seeing Lord Sugar in the final boardroom, with Shaynna adding, “pretty much sums it up”.


In follow up posts, the beauty influencer praised each of her competitors.

“Ross Noble always made us laugh and scratch our heads, not necessarily in that order!,” she shared.

“Josh Gibson was the most loyal and hard working, a true team player. You always want Josh on your team!

“Shaynna Blaze, my right hand gal. She never let me doubt myself and always had my back.”

Martha went on to say that because her mum was filming Big Brother at the time, she relied on Shaynna whenever she was “stressed and needed advice”.

“There is no one more fair, no one more graceful, no one more caring than you,” she said about her co-star.

Martha praised Shaynna Blaze on her Instagram story.
Despite clashing on-screen in last night’s episode, Martha praised Shaynna Blaze for being her ‘right hand gal’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Before you all come for me…’

Martha went on to share behind-the-scenes footage from the final task, where each celebrity had to turn random objects into valuable items to sell at a market.

The former MAFS bride was criticised by fans online for not sharing the provided help - referred to as ‘ninjas’ - with Josh, who couldn’t partake in a large portion of the challenge as he had injured himself.

“Before you all come for me, I gave Josh some ninjas!,” Martha captioned another post on Instagram.

“Should we discuss the glue gun situation of have we put that behind us?,” she added, seemingly referencing an inside joke with the AFL star.

She also shared with fans online that they arrived at the final challenge at 8am, and didn’t leave until 10pm.

Martha's Instagram story about helping Josh.
Martha revealed on her Instagram story that she did give Josh help in last night’s challenge. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Super stressful’

After her elimination, Martha shared a lengthy post on her Instagram about her time on Celebrity Apprentice.

“I enjoyed the show for what it was, super entertaining, funny and full of drama and hope you can all do the same,” she told her followers.

“Filming is super stressful, let alone being in a boardroom… I was out of my comfort zone, nervous and anxious, though you probably couldn’t tell because I tried hard to put on a brave face.

“But the pressure did get to me and I may have said things under pressure that I didn’t really mean. It is what it is and I know my mistakes don’t define my time on the show. The money that I raised and will continue to raise for my charity is all that matters.”

Post-show, a few of Martha’s co-stars took to social media to express their adoration.

“Best part of the show was meeting my twinnie soul sister,” Lisa from The Veronicas commented on her post. “You are a comedy queen, and a soft sweet bunny.”

“You’re the kindest most beautiful angel,” The Veronicas’ Jessica added. “Forever grateful that we connected on this show.”

Camilla Franks, who clashed with Martha a number of times on-screen, wrote: “Love you miss Martha. So so so proud of you. Mammoth effort darling. See you tonight for a huge cuddle.”

Martha’s family and friends also vocalised their support for the influencer on her post.

“Top four and $40k raised, but they didn’t think you’d get past the first challenge!,” Martha’s boyfriend Michael Brunelli shared.

“Your dad never watches reality, but watched every episode,” Martha’s mum Mary revealed.

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