Robert Irwin's surprising wildlife confession live on-air: 'Try to kill me'

The Wildlife Warrior revealed which Australian animal he has an issue with.

He and his family are known for being some of the most famous animal conservationists in the world, but Robert Irwin surprised fans this week when he revealed there’s one creature he has an issue with.

During an appearance on Channel 10’s The Cheap Seats on Tuesday night, host Tim McDonald asked the 19-year-old if there were any animals he didn’t particularly like.

Robert Irwin on The Cheap Seats.
Robert Irwin revealed on The Cheap Seats there’s one animal that tries to kill him. Photos: Channel 10

“You are obviously passionate about animals. Is there one that you’re like, ‘I’m a little less keen’?,” he asked.

“It’s funny,” Robert replied. “I will say I love all animals, I absolutely love them to death, there’s not an animal that I don’t just love. But there are some animals that don’t love me particularly well.

"I have a thing with wombats, actually. Wombats try to kill me. They’re not just aggressive, no, they try to kill me.”


The Wildlife Warrior went on to say that he’d rather deal with crocodiles any day because “wombats are crazy”.

“They’re insane, they can run 40km an hour,” he added. “Don’t trust a wombat.”

Melanie Bracewell, Tim McDonald and Robert Irwin on The Cheap Seats.
Robert said wombats are ‘crazy’ and told viewers not to trust them. Photo: Channel 10

When asked if he had a message for the show’s viewers, Robert shared some words of wisdom from his late father Steve Irwin.

“Something that my dad always said and something that will stick with me forever was, ‘Treat every living being the way you wish to be treated’,” he said, before adding with a laugh, “Except wombats because they have a thirst for blood”.


Robert’s TV appearance comes just over a week after he and his girlfriend Rorie Buckley made their relationship red carpet official at the Sydney premiere of Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One.

Robert and Rorie, who is the niece of the late Heath Ledger, were first spotted together enjoying a beach-side date in November, but neither had confirmed the relationship until now.

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