Robert Downey Jr 'unrecognisable' after wild transformation: 'Shocked'

Actor Robert Downey Jr has shocked fans after he sported a wild hair transformation on the red carpet.

The star attended the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 13th Governors Awards with his wife Susan, however many fans said they didn't even recognise the actor.

Photos taken on the red carpet show the Sherlock Holmes actor with a completely shaved head, a far cry from his usual brown spiky hairdo.

After snaps emerged from the event, fans flocked to social media to express their surprise over the star's new look.

Robert Downey Jr with a shaved head (left) and spiky brown hair (right).
Robert Downey Jr is almost unrecognisable with his new hairdo. Source: Getty

"Robert Downey Jr being bald now has thrown me for a loop," one said.

"Seeing Robert Downey Jr bald has shocked me," another wrote.

"I genuinely didn't recognise him for a whole a** minute," a shocked fan added.

It turns out Robert has been rocking the new hairdo since he let his kids shave it around Halloween.

Posting a video on Instagram, Robert is seen asking his kids to give him a haircut for his upcoming role in The Sympathiser as he did not want to wear a bald cap.


His son then unveiled his dad's new look, painting a pumpkin on the back of Robert's freshly shaved head.

"The things we do for our work … and our kids," the star captioned the video.

Fans loved that the Iron Man actor got his kids involved in the bold haircut, with many praising the star on Instagram.

"Exciting to have your children to help shave your head and make them feel as part of your new role," one commented.

"You are brave," a fan wrote.

"Even bald you look great!" a third added.

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