The Voice contestant shocks with raunchy striptease: ‘Brave’

The Voice is back with a bang, and burlesque artist Lou P Scarlett drove the crowd wild with her racy performance on Sunday.

Before stepping on stage, she mentioned that she was taking a ‘big risk’ with her routine - and her performance did not disappoint.

The Voice contestant Lou P Scarlett wears a frilly pink gown with a feather boa. She has a pink headpiece on.
The Voice contestant began her performance in a full gown. Photo: Seven

The contestant put on a show for the crowd as she stripped while singing an upbeat rendition of Doja Cat’s Say So.

By the end of the song, she was left in just a red and pink corset with thigh-high, hot pink boots.

Judges Guy Sebastian, Keith Urban, Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy were confused by the audience’s incredible reaction, but it wasn’t enough to convince anyone to turn a chair.


The Voice judge Rita Ora has her mouth open and is visibly shocked, while sitting in The Voice read chair and wearing a lilac outfit. Her hair is in a ponytail and she has hoop earrings on.
The Voice judge Rita Ora was amazed by the burlesque performer's outfits. Photo: Seven

Rita Ora was wowed by the contestant’s ‘amazing’ outfits, saying that the audience's response suddenly made sense.

“If I was to see you from the get go, I think it would have been a completely different story,” she explained.

Voice contestant Lou P Scarlett wears a yellow sequinned bra, a pink floral headpiece and a hoop skirt made out of emojis. She is singing on The Voice.
The performer described this outfit as a skirt with feelings. Photo: Seven

The contestant had started off with a frilly, full pink gown, before revealing a full skirt covered in emojis, and finally stripping down to her corset and thigh-high boots.

The burlesque performer explained how her costumes worked, “I started as a cupcake and I ended as a little cupcake – with feelings.”

The Voice contestant stripped down to her final outfit, a pink and red corset with thigh-high red boots. She is singing on The Voice.
The crowd went wild for her striptease. Photo: Seven

Jessica Mauboy was in awe of the ‘brave’ performance, and even admitted that she would probably be a burlesque performer if she wasn’t a singer.

Jessica and Rita ended up taking to the stage to try on parts of the stunning outfits for themselves, fawning over the intricate details.

Jessica Mauboy, Rita Ora and a contestant wear costumes and dance on The Voice stage. Jessica Mauboy has a big pink feather boa, while Rita Ora wears a big hoop skirt with emojis on it.
Judges Jessica Mauboy and Rita Ora had to try the outfits on. Photo: Seven

Unfortunately, this was the end of the 30-year-old’s The Voice journey and Keith Urban let her down gently.

“Obviously burlesque is not made for the backs of chairs," he began.

"It’s sad that your voice is just one ingredient in this delectable cupcake dish you’ve got going on, and I wish we could’ve seen it.”

Lou was quick to reply, “Well, you’ll just have to come to a burlesque show, won’t you?”

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