Report suggests Matt pulls a Blake Garvey and dumps Chelsie for Abbie

He was warned by former Bachelors, Sam Wood and Matty J, not to pull a Honey Badger, and ‘pick a girl’ at the end of this year’s season, but if rumours are to be believed, Matt Agnew may actually be following in the footsteps of another Bachelor franchise outcast.

New Idea magazine is suggesting that Matt leaves this week’s finale with one of the women, but that they break up soon afterwards and he moves on with a different contestant.

They’re drawing this assumption from the fact that Matt has said he is still in a relationship, but never specified that his girlfriend is the same woman he picks at the end.

Bachelor Australia star Chelsie McLeod
Rumour has it that Matt Agnew picks Chelsie McLeod but that he dumps her after the Bachelor Australia finale. Photo: Ten

An unnamed source, who believes chemical engineer and bookie favourite Chelsie McLeod wins, is also quoted saying: “Chelsie has been really down since the show wrapped… She doesn’t want anything to do with franchise anymore”.

The same source then implies that Abbie Chatfield enters the game, adding, “Abbie went to Melbourne after the finale and since then she has started to behave really strangely”.

Somewhat embarrassingly, they also say that Chelsie is refusing ‘to do any interviews’, despite her speaking to this week’s editions of Woman’s Day and TV Week - perhaps suggesting that Chelsie just didn’t want to be interviewed by New Idea.

While there isn’t much else to the story, some fans aren’t putting it out of the realm of possibility.

Abbie or Chelsie - who will win?

It’s been clear from the start that Matt has undeniable chemistry with Abbie, but the bookies have been pinning Chelsie as the runaway favourite from the start.

There’s also the argument that 28-year-old Chelsie and Matt connect on more of an intellectual level and are at similar life stages, while 23-year-old Abbie has been dogged by accusations she’s in the competition for the wrong reasons.

Chelsie also lives in Melbourne and works just a short walk away from Matt’s current office, making her a great logistical choice.

Meanwhile, Abbie lives in Queensland - but that’s not to say things wouldn’t succeed for that reason, as Sam and Snezana Wood started out on opposite sides of the country and look at them now.

Then of course, there’s the third remaining finalist, Helena Sauzier who has also been rumoured to win after fans spotted Matt in her home state of Western Australia.

However, after all her to-ing and fro-ing at hometowns, it seems unlikely these star-crossed lovers will make the distance.

Bachelor Australia star Abbie Chatfield pictured with Matt Agnew
It's been suggested that Matt moves on with Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Ten

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