Booted The Bachelor star reveals why Matt hasn't eliminated Abbie yet

Holly Hales
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Kristen has revealed why she thinks Abbie is still on The Bachelor. Photo: Network 10

The Bachelor’s latest evictee, Kristen Czyszek, has revealed just why Matt Agnew still hasn’t eliminated the series’ supposed villain Abbie Chatfield.

The China researcher’s admission came after Elly Miles raised concerns to Matt about Abbie’s onscreen intentions not solely centring on finding love.

Word of warning

Despite similar warnings coming from Sogand Mohtat, the show’s all-stars, and his best friend Kate, Bachie still appears to be enthralled by the 23-year-old.

“I think it’s really hard to understand people’s comments when he hasn’t seen that side and only experienced wonderful moments with her,” she Kristen tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Who are we to judge about whether he’s making the wrong decision.”

“Matt knows what he wants and so he’s just pursuing what he wants, that’s why she’s still there.”

“Abbie has such a big personality and we all have different ways of coping in [The Bachelor] environment, she copes with a lot of things through laughs and jokes.

Matt and Abbie's chemistry on The Bachelor is obvious to viewers. Photo: Network 10

“It was different for us to know what she was actually laughing and joking about.”

What really happened at the cocktail party

Kristen went on to explain the events which led to Elly and Abbie going head to head, hours before Matt would whittle the top six contestants down to just five.

“Emotions were running high during that cocktail party and Elly and I were disappointed with Abbie’s decision because a lot of people put Abbie before themselves,” she says.

“It was an opportunity for Abbie to reciprocate the respect the other girls had shown towards her and she didn’t so we were really disappointed in that and couldn’t understand it.”

However, after a tumultuous few months looking for love on Australia’s screens, Kristen is ready to move on after returning to Asia when filming wrapped.

“I went to China because there was an opportunity to do some work temporarily so I jumped on that and went to Shanghai and had the best time ever,” she says.

“All of the girls in the house now have a very real possibility of a happy life with Matt and whoever he chooses is sure to be an amazing woman.”

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