Fans think Matt just revealed The Bachelor winner

Holly Hales
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Matt Agnew's latest Instagram post may have just spoiled The Bachelor 2019. Photo: Channel 10

The Bachelor Australia’s most eagle-eyed fans are convinced Matt Agnew has dropped a major hint about who will win this series.

While the clue is hard to spot at first, its trigger was a solo photo of the 31-year-old seemingly snapped by his sister while on holiday in Broome.

However, it’s the fact the West Australian holiday spot is fan favourite Helena Sauzier’s hometown that has left viewers satisfied about which lady wins the series.

“I like sunsets. And staring at them sagaciously pondering life,” he captioned the post on one of the region’s famed remote beaches.

Matt’s convenient coincidence

Due to its distance from Melbourne, where he lives, Matt’s almost-5,000km journey to Australia’s far north-west seems like a coincidence at best.

But that’s not the only clue in Helena’s favour.

Other savvy viewers spotted an etching in the sand which resembles the 25-year-old’s health coach’s first initial.

“I spy with my little eyes, something beginning with H,” wrote one inquisitive follower before labelling themselves a ‘super sleuth’.

Although the clues are reasonably convincing, Helena is only one in a pool of finalists being tipped to have won Matt’s heart on the reality TV show.

Stiff competition

Melbourne-based civil engineer Chelsie McLeod remains the firm favourite to win ever since the show’s premiere with Sportsbet odds hovering at $1.30.

By comparison, a bet for Helena to win will pay out $8.00.

During her one-on-one date with Matt, 28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie shared a very intimate pool kiss with the bachie after getting very floury during a baking session.

Matt and Helena appear to have hit it off during filming of The Bachelor. Photo: Channel 10

Some compared it to the infamous chocolate bath Richie Strahan shared with his season’s winner Alex Nation.

Compounding the likelihood of both theories is last week’s super spoiler which saw paparazzi pictures featuring the suspected final five published.

Abbie Chatfield, Emma Roche and Elly Miles are seen alongside Chelsie and Helena in the photos snapped at the series’ mansion on Sydney’s north shore.

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