Reporter accidentally films naked husband during live news segment

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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As we’ve seen over the past few weeks of adjusting to do our jobs from home and taking meetings and catch ups online - technology can be a beautiful thing, until it’s the cause of a major fail that goes viral.

Everyone remembers poor Jennifer and her Zoom work meeting fail, right?

Well, this time it’s a US TV reporter, who has inadvertently given the whole world a glimpse of her husband’s privates while filming from her bathroom at home.

Reporter Melinda Meza was doing a segment for local news service KCRA on cutting your own hair during quarantine.

But while demonstrating that for viewers, her husband, Mike de Lambert, can be seen in the reflection of the mirror behind her - in the shower.

reporter live cross fail naked husband in shower
The reporter was doing a segment on cutting your own hair. Photo: Facebook/KCRA

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot the blunder, sharing the footage on social media, where it has quickly gone viral.

“That is the best thing yet to come out of this virus,” one person commented.

“Lmao I was like how is no one else seeing this, Rolling on the floor laughing, I would have been cracking up if I was at the news station,” another person said.

While a third quipped: “That’s entertainment.”

Meanwhile, Aussie presenter David Campbell joked on Today Extra about the poor man standing so still because he must have realised he’s been “caught in this side-teapot position”.

And others also wondered why he was standing so still.

“Maybe he isn't moving because he realises and doesn't want to draw attention,” one person guessed.

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