'I’m cringing': Woman's video chat blunder goes viral

A woman has unintentionally flashed some flesh in full view of an astonished audience while on a video conference call gone wrong.

Apparently unaware that her laptop camera is on and streaming her every move to 10 others, ‘Jennifer’ as she’s called in the Zoom group chat is seen making her way through her home in an excerpt from the video uploaded to Facebook on Saturday.

Can you spot poor Jennifer? Photo: Facebook/Piers Mummery.
Can you spot poor Jennifer? Photo: Facebook/Piers Mummery.

She reaches the bathroom in order to heed the call of nature, stripping off her trousers and taking a seat all while another woman continues to speak to the group.

After an excruciating few seconds in which Jennifer’s fellow Zoom-ers visibly squirm, Jennifer herself finally realises she’s been caught with her pants down and hastily turns her laptop away.

“I saw nothing!” announces one man and another says, “Poor Jennifer” while the woman presenting seems clueless about the bathroom blunder.

Conference call calamity

While it’s unclear if ‘poor Jennifer’s’ video call catastrophe took place while working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the viral clip - it’s been viewed more than 7.5 million times - is a telling reminder for those who are easing into working remotely.

“Make sure you know how to work from home,” commented a Facebook user.

“I’m cringing,” said another.

One could totally relate to Jennifer’s mistake, writing, “Literally me,” and another called it, ‘My worst fear”.

Others saw it as a cautionary tale for home-based staffers who are less than tech-savvy.

“Omg let’s not let this happen,” a Facebook user wrote to their friend.

“That's why I always turn off the camera,” advised another.

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