Hamish Blake crashes people's work Zoom meetings

While many of us have been catching up on Netflix shows or turning our hand to baking Hamish Blake has been trying out something completely different while in isolation.

The 38-year-old comedian has been keeping his fans entertainment online by popping up in people’s Zoom work meetings completely unannounced.

Hamish Blake has been popping up in people's work Zoom meetings. Photo: Instagram/Hamish Blake
Hamish Blake has been popping up in people's work Zoom meetings. Photo: Instagram/Hamish Blake

In a series he’s calling ‘Zoom For One More’, Hamish, who has actually been invited into the meeting by one of the members, can be seen interrupting people’s work calls and uploading the recording to his Instagram account.

“Seems like everyone is busy doing zoom meetings and classes, while I sit here doing NO meetings and learning NOTHING from any classes. That’s about to change,” Hamish wrote on Instagram.

“Send me your zoom meeting ID and a time (like Matt did for his UniSA law tutorial) and I’ll try to swing past for a bit. DM me over the weekend for meetings and classes next week. We’re all in this together guys so let’s really get down to work and learn some stuff and do some good meetings.”

Speaking on the Fitzy & Wippa show yesterday, Hamish said: “I was at a wedding reception, I’ve been to a thirtieth, I’ve been to a fortieth, I go to a lot of staff meetings, I spent most of yesterday in staff meetings.”

The rules of the game are simple. You just need to send Hamish your Zoom ID and the password. You’ll also need to let him know the time the meeting is on in Melbourne and he’ll do the rest.

"A guy emailed me and said: ‘Hey mate, just pop into our flight log meeting. There will be a few flight sergeants, few high-ranking people, but should be interesting for you!’. So I went in there. The lady running it, who I assume is a high-ranking officer, as soon as she saw me come up, she said, ."Ah no, this is a work call’,” Hamish said about his calls.

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