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Red Rooster launches exclusive VIP menu, but only for a limited time

Their new items are sure to satisfy even the most serious of chicken cravings.

Red Rooster loves nothing more than an exclusive offer and now they've just released a new menu full of them.

Reds Exclusives is a VIP menu for everyone, available for a limited time and online only. Ordering through the Red Rooster app will give you access to bespoke menu items to satisfy even the most serious of chicken cravings.

The special items will be on rotation and regularly reimagined, so you have to stay on your toes to grab the item you're after.

Red Rooster food.
Get access to Reds Exclusives via the Red Rooster app. Photo: Supplied

Red Rooster introduces special new items

One of the items currently available on the special menu is the Spicy Rippa. A twist on the chicken roll we all know and love, this one is red hot and spicy. The fried chicken tenders are coated in a special Reds Hot Sauce, and topped with lettuce and mayo, on a crusty bread roll.

The Pickle Mayo Flayva Wrap is a reimagined edition of the well-loved Flayva. Think fried chicken tenders, cheese, lettuce, fresh tomato and pickle mayo all wrapped up in soft tortilla wrap. It's available on its own or in a meal combo.

Red Rooster Pickle Mayo Flayva Wrap.
The Pickle Mayo Flayva Wrap is available at Red Rooster for a limited time. Photo: Supplied

If you're after something a little different, the Smokey BBQ Buttermilk Wings are crispy, delicious chicken wings coated in a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce. They're available in packs of 6 or 10.

All Red Rooster's Fried Chicken Tenders are 100% Aussie and are fresh, not frozen.


The family favourite restaurant has been operating in Australia for nearly 50 years. They specialise in roast and fried chicken, and are now known for innovative menu items with a modern twist. After refurbishing their restaurants and redesigning their uniform, they're now a fully fledged 21st century institution.

Red Roosters are run as a national network of franchises; they're all owned by locals who hire from within their community. Each franchise supports charities and sponsorships to help give back to the community.

To access Red Rooster's new Reds Exclusives menu, download their new app.

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